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Vital Code Systems


Details of a respiratory rate measurement.

Code Display
rest resting or pre-exercise
post_exercise post exercise
max_voluntary maximum voluntary ventilation
post_bronchoscopy post bronchoscopy
post_cardioversion post cardioversion
post_sedation post conscious sedation
post_therapy post inhalation therapy
pre_bronchoscopy pre bronchoscopy
pre_cardioversion pre cardioversion
pre_sedation pre conscious sedation
pre_therapy pre inhalation therapy
vent_spont on ventilator, spontaneous
vent on ventilator, mechanical and spontaneous
vent_mech on ventilator, mechanical


Methods of measuring respiratory rate.

Code Display
acoustic Acoustic measurement
airway_flow Airway flow measurement
co2 Carbon dioxide measurement
imped Transthoracic impedance
spiro Spirometry
capillary Capillary blood


Details of a heart rate measurement.

Code Display
rest resting or pre-exercise
post_exercise post exercise
apgar_1 1 minute Apgar heart rate
apgar_5 5 minute Apgar heart rate
apgar_10 10 minute Apgar heart rate


Method of measuring heart rate.

Code Display
pulseox Pulse oximetry
pedometer Pedometer
auscul Auscultation
palp Palpation
invasive Invasive (e.g. intra arterial)
us_doppler US Doppler
ecg Electrocardiogram


Description TBD

Code Display
max_illness Maximum temperature during an illness


Description TBD

Code Display
shoes_on Body height wearing shoes


Description TBD

Code Display
meas Measured
est Estimated
ideal Ideal
clothed with clothes
unclothed without clothes
pre_dialysis pre dialysis
post_dialysis post dialysis
preop pre operative
postop pre pregnancy
antepartum ante partum
delivery mother at delivery
postpartum post partum
birth birth weight
dry dry


The method used to measure blood pressure.

Code Display
cuff_manual Cuff method, manual
cuff_auto Cuff method, automatic
intravascular Intravascular method
continuous Continuous non-invasive monitoring


Code further describing the blood pressure measurement.

Code Display
pre_transfusion pre transfusion
post_transfusion post transfusion
pre_phlebotomy pre phlebotomy
post_phlebotomy post phlebotomy
expiration during expiration
inspiration during inspiration