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shr.research Value Sets


The role of each arm in the clinical trial.

Code Display CodeSystem
experimental Experimental study arm StudyArmTypeCS
active_comparator active_comparator StudyArmTypeCS
placebo_comparator placebo_comparator StudyArmTypeCS
sham_comparator sham_comparator StudyArmTypeCS
no_intervention no_intervention StudyArmTypeCS
other other StudyArmTypeCS


The reason for a research subject leaving a research study.

Code Display CodeSystem
moved Subject relocated ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
died Suject passed away ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
ended Study ended ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
adverse Subject could not tolerate treatement ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
protocol Subject could not follow protocol, e.g. required appointments, dosing schedule, etc. ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
other Other reason ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS
unknown Reason not known ResearchSubjectTerminationReasonCS