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shr.occupation Value Sets


The current status of the person in armed services.

Code Display CodeSystem
active On active duty in US military MilitaryStatusCS
reserve Currently a Reservist MilitaryStatusCS
discharged No longer in active military service MilitaryStatusCS


The code indicating the branch of the US military.

Code Display CodeSystem
usa US Army USMilitaryBranchCS
usn US Navy USMilitaryBranchCS
usaf US Air Force USMilitaryBranchCS
usmc US Marine Corps USMilitaryBranchCS
uscg US Coast Guard USMilitaryBranchCS
usphc US Public Health Service USMilitaryBranchCS
noaa National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USMilitaryBranchCS


The way in which a separation from the armed services was achieved.

Code Display CodeSystem
bad Bad Conduct Discharge MilitaryServiceDischargeStatusCS
dishonorable Dishonorable discharge MilitaryServiceDischargeStatusCS
general General Conduct Discharge MilitaryServiceDischargeStatusCS
honorable Honorable Discharge MilitaryServiceDischargeStatusCS
not_honorable Other than honorable discharge, but not specified MilitaryServiceDischargeStatusCS


Values were taken from Final HMIS Data Standards March 2010 (Homeless Management Information System), field 5.05E Veteran’s Information. See:

Code Display CodeSystem
post_9_11_era Post September 11, 2001 to Present MilitaryServiceEraCS
gulf_era Persian Gulf Era (August 1991 - September 10, 2001) MilitaryServiceEraCS
post_vietnam_era Post-Vietnam (May 1975 - July 1991) MilitaryServiceEraCS
vietnam_era Vietnam Era (August 1964 - April 1975) MilitaryServiceEraCS
post_korean_era Between Korean and Vietnam War (February 1955 - July 1964) MilitaryServiceEraCS
korean_era Korean War (June 1950 - January 1955) MilitaryServiceEraCS
post_wwII_era Between WWII and Korean War (August 1947 - May 1950) MilitaryServiceEraCS
wwII_era World War II (September 1940 - July 1947) MilitaryServiceEraCS