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The SHR Demographics domain contains definitions that describe basic characteristics of the person of record, such as name, address, and date of birth. Elements in the demographics domains are used for unique identification and patient matching.

Coverage [Entry]

Health insurance coverage available (even if not used for payment for a given encounter). HealthInsurance (C0021682)

Based On InformationEntry

Status must be from
optional The current standing or state.
Type should be from
required The most specific code (lowest level term) describing the kind or sort of thing being represented.
InsuranceMemberId optional Patient identifier at a healthcare provider, insurer, or other related organization.
PolicyHolder optional Owner of the policy
EffectiveTimePeriod optional The date and time span for which something is active, valid, or in force.
SubjectOfInformation required The person or thing that this entry relates to, usually the Person of Record (see Entry). However, not all entries have health information specifically about the patient, but in different contexts, could refer to a fetus, family member (living or dead), device, location, organization, behavior, finding, condition, wound, or intervention. CIMI alignment: SubjectOfInformation is not a Participation -- unlike CIMI. There's no action to participate in. Participant has extra unnecessary attributes, such as 'onBehalfOf'.
SourceOfInformation optional The person or entity that provided the information in the entry, e.g. the subject (patient), medical professional, family member, device or software program, as distinct from who recorded the entry.
Annotation 0 or more An added or follow-up note, often after the fact, that contains metadata about who made the statement and when.
RecordStatus optional Concept indicating the state of this record, e.g., 'entered in error'.
Recorded optional The person who entered the order on behalf of another individual for example in the case of a verbal or a telephone order.
Signed optional Provenance information specific to the signing of the clinical statement.
Cosigned 0 or more Provenance information specific to the cosigning of the clinical statement.
Verified 0 or more Provenance information specific to the verification process associated with this statement (e.g., verifier, when verified, etc.)


Patient identifier at a healthcare provider, insurer, or other related organization.

Value:  string


Owner of the policy

Value:  Choice required
         |  Patient A person in the role of a patient, including extended demographic information about the subject of this health record.
         |  RelatedPerson A person in a role defined in relationship to a patient
         |  Organization A social or legal structure formed by human beings.