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Sex Code Systems


Description TBD

Code Display
male_gender Identifies as male, exclusively, usually, or primarily
female_gender Identifies as female, exclusively, usually, or primarily
agender Does not identify with any gender
bigender Identifies with both male and female genders, either simultaneously, or changing fluidly over time
unsure_gender Uncertain or searching for gender identity
trans_female Male (at birth) who identifies as a female
trans_male Female (at birth) who identifies as a male


Description TBD

Code Display
no_contraceptive Not using contraceptive
implant Implanted long-term contraceptive
iud Intrauterine device or system
sterilized_female Female sterilization, e.g., tubal ligation
sterilized_male Male sterilization, e.g., vasectomy
injectable Injectable contraceptive
lam Lactational amenorrhea method
oral Oral contraceptive
patch Contraceptive patch
ring Vaginal ring
condom_male Male condom
condom_female Female condom
fam Fertility awareness method aka natural family planning aka rhythm method
withdrawal Withdrawal method aka coitus interruptus
spermicide Use of spermicide.
sponge Contraceptive sponge
partner Rely on partner to provide.
emergency Emergency contraceptive, the 'morning after' pill.


Description TBD

Code Display
control Gives subject control the use of contraceptive.
safer_sex Method of contraceptive provides safer sex.
convenient Easy to use.
long_term Provides long term protection.
available Easily available, affordable.


Description TBD

Code Display
abstinent Abstains from sexual intercourse.
new Newly sexually active, has not yet sought birth control.
seeking Seeking to become pregnant or accepting of the prospect of pregnancy.
sterility Either partner is sterile (other than being sterilized for contraceptive purposes, which counts as a method of contraception).
same_sex Partner of same sex.
pregnant Partner is pregnant.
not_at_risk Not at risk of unintended pregnancy, for example, post-menopausal.
decline Declines to use any method of birth control.
unavailable Difficulty obtaining contraceptive, for reasons of cost or access.
inconvenient Using contraceptive is inconvenient.