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The SHR Procedure domain contains base definitions for interventions.


An action that is or was performed on a patient. This can be a physical intervention like an operation, or less invasive like counseling or hypnotherapy.

Based On Action

Status must be from required The position of affairs at a particular time
Facility optional Services and space and equipment provided for a particular purpose; a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry. Could be a clinical site, community site, or a mobile facility.
SpecificType optional A code or description representing the concept represented by the instance at a specific level. For example, for a Condition, the concept is MTH#C0348080 (Condition) but the Value is the SpecificType, i.e. MTH#C0011849 (Diabetes Mellitus). For an observation, the SpecificType defines what is being observed, measured, or asked, as specifically as possible. The SpecificType should always align with the concept of the element, for example, a blood pressure observation can be coded as a sitting blood pressure or standing blood pressure, and may be from a different code system (e.g. LOINC versus MTH). In other cases, the SpecificType is the specific question being asked, or the specific goal being pursued.
Category 0 or more A categorization of the action according its type, often a code that classifies the clinical discipline, department or diagnostic service that created the report (e.g. cardiology, biochemistry, hematology, MRI). This can be used for searching, sorting and display purposes.
NonOccurrenceModifier optional When true, indicates either that the event or action documented in the entry did not occur. For example, if immunization is not given, the NonOccurrenceModifier=true will indicate this. When applied to a recommendation, the modifier indicates the action mentioned in the topic should not take place. For example, a request to NOT elevate the head of a bed using the code for elevating the bed, and setting ProhibitedModifier to true. Other examples include do not ambulate, do not flush NG tube, do not take blood pressure on a certain arm, etc. If the SpecificType contains negation and ProhibitedModifier is true, that will reinforce the prohibition, and should not be interpreted as a double negative that equals a positive.
Reason 0 or more The justification for an action or non-action, conclusion, opinion, etc.
OccurrenceTime optional The point in time or span of time in which something happens.
Participant 0 or more A statement about an actor who did (or did not) participate in a certain task or activity. Unlike a HealthcareInvolvement which continues over period of time, the participant is associated with doing or not doing a specific task, such admitting a patient, performing a procedure, or taking a measurement.