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Lifehistory Code Systems


Description TBD

Code Display
no_formal No schooling completed, or ages 0-4
elementary Elementary (grades 1-8)
high_school_some High school (grades 9-12, no degree)
high_school_grad High school graduate (or equivalent)
college Some college (1-4 years, no degree)
assoc Associate’s degree (including vocational, occupational or academic degrees)
bachelor Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS, AB, etc)
master Master’s degree (MA, MS, MENG, MSW, etc)
prof Professional school degree (MD, DDC, JD, etc)
doc Doctorate degree (PhD, EdD, etc)


Description TBD

Code Display
chlamydia Chlamydia
pneumonia Pneumonia
gonorrhea Gonorrhea
rubella Rubella (German Measles)
herpes Herpes
scarlet Scarlet Fever
hiv HIV
syphilis Syphilis
mumps Mumps
toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis
tuberculosis Tuberculosis
influenza Influenza
accutane Accutane
hexachlorophene Hexachlorophene
alcohol Alcohol
iodides Iodides
amphetamines Amphetamines
lithium Lithium
antibiotics Antibiotics
lsd LSD
anti-cancer Anti-cancer drugs
opiates Opiates
anticoagulant Anticoagulant drugs
quinine Quinine
aspirin Aspirin
sedatives Sedatives
barbiturates Barbiturates
smallpox Smallpox vaccination
caffeine Caffeine
thalidomide Thalidomide
nicotine Nicotine
tranquilizers Tranquilizers
cocaine Cocaine
vitamins Vitamins in excess
des Diethylstilbestrol (DES)
marijuana Marijuana
cadmium Cadmium
mercury Mercury
cat Cat feces
nickel Nickel
fumes Fumes from paints, solvents, glues, dry-cleaning fluids
pesticides Pesticides
insecticides Insecticides
herbicides Herbicides
manganese Manganese
radiation Radiation (X-rays, Video Display Terminals)
hair Hair dyes
polychlorinated Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
lead Lead
alcoholism Alcoholism
chemical Chemical dependency
phenylketonuria Phenylketonuria
rh Rh + factor
anemia Anemia
stress Stress
diabetes Diabetes Mellitus


Description TBD

Code Display
self_employed Self employed
full_time Works in military or community setting on a full time basis (35 or more hours per week), receiving pay at minimum wage or higher, in a mainstream integrated setting, in a job that was not set aside for mental health clients.
part_time Works in military or community setting on a full time basis (less than 35 hours per week), receiving pay at minimum wage or higher, in a mainstream integrated setting, in a job that was not set aside for mental health clients.
work_training Facility or community based paid training program that teaches the meaning, value and demands of work. Individuals perform paid work activities and are accompanied by a job coach. These paid work activities are geared towards assisting the individual in gaining work experience and developing the soft skills needed to obtain competitive employment. Participant in work adjustment training programs should preferably be time-limited, with a long term goal of obtaining competitive employment. Participant in a work adjustment training program is set aside for mental health clients and/or other participants of a rehabilitation program.
transitional Temporary employment placement secured by a vocational agency (such as a Fountain House model clubhouse program) and set aside for mental health clients. Employment is paid and is in an integrated / mainstream business setting. Individuals are actual employees of the company, not of the clubhouse. Individuals are paid at least minimum wage, and preferably the prevailing rate received by regular company employees for the same job. Placement work is done in the company’s place of business, never in the clubhouse.
unemployed Not currently employed, but looking for work in the past 30 days or on layoff from a job.
volunteer Volunteers (unpaid) their time in the community on a regular basis, and does not fit the criteria for Employed, Transitional Employment, or Work Adjustment Training
unpaid_rehab Engaged in any rehabilitation activity not already specified in one of the other categories, such as: work exploration, pre-vocational skill building groups and activities, community activities such as church groups, social skill building activities, mobility training, adjustment to disability training, etc.
homemaker Manages their family household as a principal occupation, and performs household duties for others
student Currently in school and not involved in any other work activity. If an individual is in school, but otherwise employed, they shall be categorized in the appropriate employment category.
retired Individual has concluded their working or professional career, and does not fit the criteria for Student or Volunteer
disabled Not currently employed or looking for work due to disability. Not involved in any other rehabilitation activity.
confined Individual resides in a jail or correctional facility and is unable to work.


Description TBD

Code Display
active On active duty in US military
reserve Currently a Reservist
discharged No longer in active military service


Description TBD

Code Display
usa US Army
usn US Navy
usaf US Air Force
usmc US Marine Corps
uscg US Coast Guard
usphc US Public Health Service
noaa National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Description TBD

Code Display
bad Bad Conduct Discharge
dishonorable Dishonorable discharge
general General Conduct Discharge
honorable Honorable Discharge
not_honorable Other than honorable discharge, but not specified


Values were taken from Final HMIS Data Standards March 2010 (Homeless Management Information System), field 5.05E Veteran’s Information. See:

Code Display
post_9_11_era Post September 11, 2001 to Present
gulf_era Persian Gulf Era (August 1991 - September 10, 2001)
post_vietnam_era Post-Vietnam (May 1975 - July 1991)
vietnam_era Vietnam Era (August 1964 - April 1975)
post_korean_era Between Korean and Vietnam War (February 1955 - July 1964)
korean_era Korean War (June 1950 - January 1955)
post_wwII_era Between WWII and Korean War (August 1947 - May 1950)
wwII_era World War II (September 1940 - July 1947)