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Demographics Value Sets


How an address is used by the subject, for example, as a dwelling or as a mailing address.

Code Display CodeSystem
primary_residence The address at which a person dwells most frequently or maintains as his or her official premises. AddressUseCS
secondary_residence An address at which a person dwells on a secondary basis, for example, during vacation periods, when residing with other parent or relative, at boarding school, etc. AddressUseCS
temporary_dwelling An address temporarily used as a dwelling AddressUseCS
former_address Address (residence, postal, or work address) that is no longer in use AddressUseCS
mailing_address Address is a postal address, such as a PO box AddressUseCS
work_address Address of place of business where the subject is employed AddressUseCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
mobile Mobile phone (assumed text capable) TelephoneTypeCS
land Landline telephone TelephoneTypeCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
primary Primary (preferred) method of contact TelecomQualifierCS
secondary Secondary method of contact TelecomQualifierCS
prefer_call Prefer voice calls TelecomQualifierCS
prefer_text Prefer texting TelecomQualifierCS
personal Personal (home) use TelecomQualifierCS
work Work use TelecomQualifierCS
no_message Do not leave messages at this phone number TelecomQualifierCS
alert Use this contact method for reminders, alerts, and notifications TelecomQualifierCS
telecare Use for telecare encounters TelecomQualifierCS
shared A shared telecom address, e.g., facility telephone or family email TelecomQualifierCS
direct An encrypted DIRECT email address TelecomQualifierCS
portal Portal-based secure messaging address TelecomQualifierCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
chip CHIP or SCHIP - State or Federal Children's Health Insurance Program InsuranceProviderTypeCS
medicaid Medicaid InsuranceProviderTypeCS
medicare Medicare InsuranceProviderTypeCS
military Military coverage (Tricare) InsuranceProviderTypeCS
veteran VA coverage InsuranceProviderTypeCS
private Private or self-insured group InsuranceProviderTypeCS
no_insurance No health insurance InsuranceProviderTypeCS