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cimi.medication Value Sets


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
not_indicated Not indicated MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
ineffective Medication or similiar class of medications have been ineffective on the patient MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
nonadherence Patient not expected to adhere to the medication MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
side_effect Patient has experienced side effects to this or similar medication MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
allergy_intolerance Patient has an allergy or intolerance to this or similar medications MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
apprehension Subject is worried about taking medication due to potential side effects, drug interactions, etc. MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
affordability Medication is unaffordable for the patient MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
objection Patient or patient representative objects to medication MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
asleep Patient was asleep when the dose was supposed to have been given MedicationNotUsedReasonCS
unsuccessful Administration attempt unsuccessful (patient vomited dose, could not find vein, etc.) MedicationNotUsedReasonCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
C3841796 Forget to take medication
C1444650 Not needed
C3661846 Medication not effective
C1709370 Overmedicated
C0420261 Patient misunderstood treatment directions
C4074975 Difficulty taking medication
C0879626 Experienced side effects
C0849836 Worried about taking medication due to potential side effects, drug interactions, etc.
C4049170 Inability to afford medication
C0520941 Absence of motivation to adhere to medication regimen
C4038419 Prescription unfilled


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
reduced Dose reduced MedicationChangeTypeCS
increased Dose increased MedicationChangeTypeCS
temp_stop Medication temporarily interrupted MedicationChangeTypeCS
swap Switch from one medication (or set of medications) to another MedicationChangeTypeCS
stop Medication stopped MedicationChangeTypeCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
not_needed Do not need it any more, condition abated MedicationChangeReasonCS
finished Course of treatment complete MedicationChangeReasonCS
ineffective MTH #C3661846 Medication not effective. MedicationChangeReasonCS
burdensome Can't take it when supposed to, too busy, or inconvenient to store or administer MedicationChangeReasonCS
difficult Has trouble or finds it difficult to take or administer MedicationChangeReasonCS
side_effect MTH#C0879626 Experienced side effects MedicationChangeReasonCS