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cimi.entity Code Systems


A code indicating whether the language is preferred, secondary, or practiced in an unconventional or limited way.

Code Display
preferred_spoken Preferred language
secondary_spoken Secondary language
apraxia Difficulty speaking due to motor disorder
aphasia Difficulty in speaking, listening, reading, and writing
signs Uses sign language
braille Reads using braille
lipreads Uses lipreading (speechreading)
aac Uses augmentative and alternative communication


Description TBD

Code Display
primary Primary (preferred) method of contact
secondary Secondary method of contact
prefer_call Prefer voice calls
prefer_text Prefer texting
personal Personal (home) use
work Work use
no_message Do not leave messages at this phone number
alert Use this contact method for reminders, alerts, and notifications
telecare Use for telecare encounters
shared A shared telecom address, e.g., facility telephone or family email
direct An encrypted DIRECT email address
portal Portal-based secure messaging address