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cimi.element Code Systems


Anatomical location or specimen further detailing directionality. Codes are from NCI

Code Display
C25231 ANTERIOR Denoting the front portion of the body or a structure.
C25423 APICAL Relating to or located at the apex.
C90067 BASAL Relating to or located at the lowest portion of a structure.
C73851 CAUDAL Toward the tail in a body.
C25445 CENTRAL A point or area that is approximately central within some larger region or structure.
C37936 CRANIAL Toward the head in a body.
C25240 DEEP Extending relatively far inward.
C25237 DISTAL Situated farthest from a point of reference.
C45874 DORSAL Pertaining to the back or upper surface of the body.
C90376 DORSOLATERAL Toward the back and side of a body.
C90386 FORE Of or involving the front of a main body.
C90393 HIND Of or involving the back of a main body.
C25353 INFERIOR Pertaining to a point below a given reference point.
C37980 INNER Inside or closer to the inside of the body or object.
C73705 INTERMEDIATE Located between two points or extremes.
C25309 LOWER The bottom one of two.
C25232 MEDIAL Toward the middle or in a limb toward the median plane.
C81170 MIDLINE A medial line, especially the medial line or medial plane of the body (or some part of the body).
C27958 NASAL Of, or related to, or in the direction of the nose.
C38166 OUTER Being on or toward the outside of the body or object.
C25233 PERIPHERAL On or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary;the outer area.
C25622 POSTERIOR Denoting the back portion of the body or a structure.
C94393 ROSTRAL Toward the muzzle in the head.
C25239 SUPERFICIAL Of or pertaining to the exterior surface.
C25235 SUPERIOR Pertaining to a point above a given reference point.
C25245 SURFACE The extended two-dimensional outer layer or area of a three-dimensional object.
C117754 TEMPORAL Of, or related to, anatomic sites that are located in the cranium, brain, and eye.
C90069 TIP The pointed end of a structure.
C25355 UPPER The top one of two.
C45875 VENTRAL Pertaining to the front or lower surface of the body.
C98798 VENTROLATERAL Of or pertaining to the front and side of a main body.