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cimi.context Code Systems


Reasons that a value associated with a test or other finding is missing. Includes all codes from version 3.3.0 and additional codes covering other missing value circumstances.

Code Display
unknown Unknown: The value is not known.
asked-unknown Asked But Unknown: The source human does not know the value.
temp-unknown Temporarily Unknown: There is reason to expect (from the workflow) that the value may become known.
not-asked Not Asked: The workflow didn't lead to this value being known.
asked-declined Asked But Declined: The source was asked but declined to answer.
masked Masked: The information is not available due to security, privacy or related reasons.
not-applicable Not Applicable: There is no proper value for this element (e.g. last menstrual period for a male)
unsupported Unsupported: The source system wasn't capable of supporting this element.
as-text As Text: The content of the data is represented in the resource narrative.
error Error: Some system or workflow process error means that the information is not available.
not-a-number Not a Number (NaN): The numeric value is undefined or unrepresentable due to a floating point processing error.
negative-infinity Negative Infinity (NINF): The numeric value is excessively low and unrepresentable due to a floating point processing error.
positive-infinity Positive Infinity (PINF): The numeric value is excessively high and unrepresentable due to a floating point processing error.
not-performed Not Performed: The value is not available because the observation procedure (test, etc.) was not performed.
not-permitted Not Permitted: The value is not permitted in this context (e.g. due to profiles, or the base data types)
missing_indeterminate The value cannot be determined, for some unspecified reason.
missing_noexplanation The reason the information is not present is not known.
missing_nonesuch The answer is missing because nothing of a type of thing is known to exists, e.g., the siblings of an only child. Also use this code to represent a 'none of the above' answer
missing_collection Missing due to a problem collecting, identifying, or locating the specimen, including patient refusal or unable to provide specimen
missing_specimen Missing due to a problem with the specimen, e.g. inadequate specimen, contamination, clotting, improper tube type, improper storage, too small, etc.
missing_malfunction Missing due to instrument malfunction.