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Behavior Value Sets


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
practicing Active or observant, currently practicing the tenants of the religion ReligiousPracticeStatusCS
occasional Occasionally practicing, for example, on special holidays or occasions ReligiousPracticeStatusCS
non_practicing Not currently practicing ReligiousPracticeStatusCS


Includes religious restrictions that could impact care, other than dietary restrictions (handled elsewhere).

Code Display CodeSystem
same_sex Must have a medical provider of the same sex as the subject ReligiousRestrictionCS
no_transfusion Cannot receive blood products ReligiousRestrictionCS
no_treatment Cannot receive medical treatment ReligiousRestrictionCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
All codes descending from 312417001 substance of abuse


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
day_treatment Day Treatment Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
inpatient Inpatient/Hospital SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
inpatient_detox Hospital Inpatient Detoxification Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
ambulatory Outpatient services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
ambulatory_detox Ambulatory Detoxification Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
outreach Outreach Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
intensive_outpatient Intensive Outpatient Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
methadone_treatment Methadone Treatment Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
residental_rehab Residential/Rehabilitation Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
after_care After Care Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS
recovery_support Recovery Support Services SubstanceAbuseTreatmentTypeCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
audit AUDIT AlcoholUseScreeningToolCS
audit_c AUDIT-C AlcoholUseScreeningToolCS
crafft CRAFFT AlcoholUseScreeningToolCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
vegetarian Vegetarian diet DietFollowedCS
paleo Paleo diet DietFollowedCS
kosher Kosher diet DietFollowedCS
halal Halal diet DietFollowedCS
gluten_free Gluten free diet DietFollowedCS
low_salt Low salt diet DietFollowedCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
sugar Too much sugar DietNutritionConcernCS
snacks Frequent snacking DietNutritionConcernCS
caffeine Too much caffeine DietNutritionConcernCS
cholesterol Too much cholesterol DietNutritionConcernCS
overeating Eating too much DietNutritionConcernCS
undereating Eating too little DietNutritionConcernCS
unhealthy_diet Eating an unhealthy diet DietNutritionConcernCS
chewing Problem chewing DietNutritionConcernCS
swallowing Problem swallowing DietNutritionConcernCS
high_appetite Increased appetite DietNutritionConcernCS
low_appetite Decreased appetite DietNutritionConcernCS
taste Problem with food taste DietNutritionConcernCS
constipation Constipation DietNutritionConcernCS
diarrhea Diarrhea DietNutritionConcernCS
abdominal_pain Abdominal pain DietNutritionConcernCS
gas Flatulence DietNutritionConcernCS
binging Binge eating DietNutritionConcernCS
purging Purging DietNutritionConcernCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
sleep_location Where you sleep (e.g. noisy or uncomfortable environment) SleepQualityCauseCS
shift Shift work SleepQualityCauseCS
partner_snoring Partner snoring SleepQualityCauseCS
partner Disturbed by partner snoring or moving SleepQualityCauseCS
no_time Not enough time to sleep enough SleepQualityCauseCS
breathing Trouble breathing, snoring, waking up gasping for breath SleepQualityCauseCS
worries Thoughts and worries, anxiety SleepQualityCauseCS
nightmares Disturbing dreams SleepQualityCauseCS
restless_legs Restless legs SleepQualityCauseCS
pain Pain SleepQualityCauseCS
not_sleepy Not sleepy at the appropriate time SleepQualityCauseCS


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
conditions Medical Problems or Conditions PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
disability Disability PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
frail Frailty PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
pain Pain or injury PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
unaffordable Too expensive PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
no_time Not enough time PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
lack_knowledge Not sure how PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
unmotivated Low motivation PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
no_partner Does not have partner PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
no_place No place to exercise PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
worried Worried about starting exercise program PhysicalActivityLimitationCS
embarrassed Too self-conscious PhysicalActivityLimitationCS