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Actor Value Sets


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
C0079382 Friend
C0008935 Clergy
C0037444 Social worker
C0687694 Case manager
C0086530 Lawyer
C0023226 Legal guardian
C0337468 Foster parent
C0030697 Patient ombudsman
C2348942 Payer
C0040757 Transportation provider
C0204977 Provider of home care
C0508797 Medication assistance
C0871042 Parole officer
C0042799 Visting nurse
C1552023 Emergency contact


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
C0935562 Neonatal period (~0-1 mo)
C0231330 Infancy (~0-12 mo)
C0599196 Early childhood (~2-5)
C0001578 Teenage (~13-17)
C0680085 Early Adulthood (~18-35)
C0205847 Middle Aged (~36-64)
C0001792 Elderly (~65-79)
C1999167 Old Age (~80+)


Description TBD

Code Display CodeSystem
preferred_spoken Preferred language LanguageQualifierCS
secondary_spoken Secondary language LanguageQualifierCS
apraxia Difficulty speaking due to motor disorder LanguageQualifierCS
aphasia Difficulty in speaking, listening, reading, and writing LanguageQualifierCS
signs Uses sign language LanguageQualifierCS
braille Reads using braille LanguageQualifierCS
lipreads Uses lipreading (speechreading) LanguageQualifierCS
aac Uses augmentative and alternative communication LanguageQualifierCS