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The SHR Specification

The Standard Health Record is an evolving specification under active development. Ultimately, an individual's SHR will consist of a series of entries relevant to the health of that person. SHR is divided up into a series of FHIR Implementation Guides, based on a common foundation and shared logical model.


This specification may contain and/or reference intellectual property owned by third parties ("Third Party IP"). Acceptance of the FHIR Licensing Terms does not grant any rights with respect to Third Party IP. The licensee alone is responsible for identifying and obtaining any necessary licenses or authorizations to utilize Third Party IP in connection with the specification or otherwise.

Any actions, claims or suits brought by a third party resulting from a breach of any Third Party IP right by the Licensee remains the Licensee’s liability. Following is a non-exhaustive list of third-party terminologies that may require a separate license:


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