SHR Reference Model Version 1.0.0

Entry Element ProgesteroneReceptorStatus


Progesterone receptor status is a factor in determining prognosis and treatment options. The value is the percentage of cells that test (stain) positive for the presence of a receptor. The interpretation of positive or negative (found in the interpretation property) is based on the staining percentage, and may take into account the staining intensity.

Based on discussion with Cancer Interoperability Group subject matter experts, there was insufficient rationale to include the following components in the data model: StainingControl, PrimaryAntibody, Allred Score (both total and component scores). We are seeking feedback on whether or not those components should be included in this model.

We are seeking feedback if it is better to put the positive/negative status in Value or Interpretation. The current approach is that positive/negative designation is a value, even though that value is (in fact) an interpretation of evidence (NuclearPositivity and AverageStainingIntensity).