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SurgicalProcedureVS ValueSet

Codes describing surgical procedures. Includes codes from SNOMED CT under the hierarchy of 387713003 'Surgical procedure'. Codes from ICD-10-PCS and CPT are acceptable. CPT codes are not listed here due to intellectual property restrictions. ICD-10-PCS codes are not listed because of a limitation in the FHIR Implementation Guide publisher. For CPT and ICD-10-PCS, only codes representing surgical procedures should be included. Conformance note: If an ICD-10-PCS code is used, and a semantically equivalent SNOMED CT or CPT code is available, the resulting Procedure instance will not be compliant with [US Core Profiles](http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/STU3/index.html).

Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/us/mcode/ValueSet/obf-SurgicalProcedureVS

Codes describing surgical procedures. Includes codes from SNOMED CT under the hierarchy of 387713003 'Surgical procedure'. Codes from ICD-10-PCS and CPT are acceptable. CPT codes are not listed here due to intellectual property restrictions. ICD-10-PCS codes are not listed because of a limitation in the FHIR Implementation Guide publisher. For CPT and ICD-10-PCS, only codes representing surgical procedures should be included.

Conformance note: If an ICD-10-PCS code is used, and a semantically equivalent SNOMED CT or CPT code is available, the resulting Procedure instance will not be compliant with US Core Profiles.

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104001Excision of lesion of patella
119000Thoracoscopic partial lobectomy of lung
135007Arthrotomy of wrist joint with exploration and biopsy
142007Excision of tumor from shoulder area, deep, intramuscular
146005Repair of nonunion of metatarsal with bone graft
153001Cystourethroscopy with resection of ureterocele
174000Harrison-Richardson operation on vagina
176003Anastomosis of rectum
189009Excision of lesion of artery
230009Miller operation, urethrovesical suspension
245002Division of nerve ganglion
267001Anal fistulectomy, multiple
285008Incision and drainage of vulva
294002Excisional biopsy of joint structure of spine
295001Nonexcisional destruction of cyst of ciliary body
316002Partial dacryocystectomy
351005Urinary undiversion of ureteral anastomosis
374009Costosternoplasty for pectus excavatum repair
401004Distal subtotal pancreatectomy
406009Fulguration of stomach lesion
445004Repair of malunion of tibia
456004Total abdominal colectomy with ileostomy
459006Closed condylotomy of mandible
474008Esophagoenteric anastomosis, intrathoracic
494004Excision of lesion of tonsil
531007Open pulmonary valve commissurotomy with inflow occlusion
533005Repair of vesicocolic fistula
535003Closure of ureterovesicovaginal fistula
543008Choledochostomy with transduodenal sphincteroplasty
545001Operative procedure on lower leg
549007Incision of intracranial vein
550007Excision of lesion of adenoids
559008Excision of varicose vein
617002Bone graft of mandible
618007Frontal sinusectomy
625000Removal of supernumerary digit
629006Lysis of adhesions of urethra
637003Lysis of adhesions of nose
647000Excision of cervix by electroconization
657004Operation on bursa
665001Partial meniscectomy of temporomandibular joint
670008Electrosurgical epilation of eyebrow
671007Transplantation of testis
695009Destructive procedure of lesion on skin of trunk
710006Thromboendarterectomy with graft of mesenteric artery
730005Incision of subcutaneous tissue
741007Operation on prostate
754000Total urethrectomy
764009Arthrodesis of interphalangeal joint of great toe
789003Cranial decompression, subtemporal, supratentorial
791006Dressing and fixation procedure
807005Excision of brain
817000Excision of cyst of spleen
867007Hypoglossofacial anastomosis
881009Separation of ciliary body
897004Radical maxillary antrotomy
911003Removal of subarachnoid-ureteral shunt
926001Embolectomy with catheter of radial artery by arm incision
935008Excision of bulbourethral gland
948007Phlebectomy of intracranial varicose vein
969009Incision and exploration of larynx
971009Prosthetic construction and fitting
1001000Cauterization of Bartholin's gland
1008006Operation on nerve ganglion
1019009Removal of corneal epithelium
1021004Repair of scrotum
1032004Enucleation of parotid gland cyst
1054002Sphincterotomy of papilla of Vater
1071001Proximal splenorenal anastomosis
1084005Excision of perinephric cyst
1093006Excision of abdominal varicose vein
1103000Transcrural mobilization of stapes
1104006Triad knee repair
1127003Interstitial radium application
1133007Removal of intact mammary implant, bilateral
1176009Incision of inguinal region
1181000Excision of tendon for graft
1198000Excisional biopsy of bone of scapula
1209007Arthroscopic repair lateral meniscus
1227005Incision of subvalvular tissue for discrete subvalvular aortic stenosis
1235008Muscle transfer
1238005Epiphyseal arrest by stapling of distal radius
1251000Incisional biopsy of testis
1253002Refusion of spine
1258006Excision of meniscus of wrist
1266002Closure of tympanic membrane perforation
1267006Electrocoagulation of lesion of vagina
1278003Open reduction of closed shoulder dislocation with fracture of greater tuberosity
1279006Repair of cardiac pacemaker pocket in skin AND/OR subcutaneous tissue
1299000Excision of appendiceal stump
1315009Reconstruction of eyebrow
1328002Ilioiliac shunt
1329005Division of congenital web of larynx
1352009Anterior spinal rhizotomy
1390003Laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy
1398005Direct thrombectomy of iliac vein by leg incision
1399002Incision and exploration of ureter
1411001Operation on papillary muscle of heart
1413003Penetrating keratoplasty with homograft
1417002Operation on face
1440003Repair with resection-recession
1457004Truncal vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
1500007Bilateral epididymovasostomy
1501006Altemeier operation, perineal rectal pull-through
1576000Repair of intestinouterine fistula
1578004Reconstruction of ossicles with stapedectomy
1583007Tractotomy of mesencephalon
1585000Lengthening of gastrocnemius muscle
1614003Bilateral repair of inguinal hernia, direct
1638004Cineplasty with cineplastic prosthesis of extremity
1645004Transduodenal sphincterotomy
1651009Excision of tendon sheath
1653007Internal fixation of bone without fracture reduction
1683003Direct closure of laceration of conjunctiva
1689004Local excision of ovary
1704001Correction of tibial pseudoarthrosis
1709006Breast reconstruction, bilateral, with bilateral pedicle transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flaps
1730002Suture of skin wound of hindfoot
1746005Buckling of sclera using implant
1753001Resection of uveal tissue
1757000Arthroscopy of wrist with partial synovectomy
1770009Mitral valvotomy
1775004Submaxillary incision with drainage
1805005Take-down of stoma
1830008Open reduction of open sacral fracture
1836002Excision of diverticulum of ventricle of heart
1844002Plication of ligament
1854003Incision of nose
1862006Thoracic phlebectomy
1866009Bilateral total nephrectomy
1868005FB - Removal of foreign body from brain
1871002Repair of aneurysm of coronary artery
1872009Suture of male perineum
1876007Recession of prognathic jaw
1907003Bifurcation of bone
1924009Hepaticotomy with drainage
1958001Grafting of bone of thumb with transfer of skin flap
1983001Total urethrectomy including cystostomy in female
1995001Stripping of cerebral meninges
2002009Construction of subcutaneous tunnel without esophageal anastomosis
2021001Internal fixation of radius and ulna without fracture reduction
2078009Puncture of bursa of hand
2080003Angiectomy with anastomosis of lower limb artery
2098004Open reduction of open mandibular fracture with external fixation
2119009Repair of blood vessel
2137005Excision of pericardial tumor
2161003Operation on vulva
2166008Bicuspidization of aortic valve
2171001Remnant tonsillectomy
2181002Operation for bone injury of tarsals and metatarsals
2188008Suture of tendon to skeletal attachment
2193006Repair of ruptured aneurysm with graft of celiac artery
2199005Excision of lesion of cul-de-sac
2214008Curette test of skin
2242005Reconstruction of eyelid
2244006Arthroscopy of wrist with internal fixation for instability
2250001Resection of ascending aorta with anastomosis
2270007Correction of cleft hand
2315006Brain meninges operation
2322003Suture of recent wound of eyelid, direct closure, full-thickness
2337004Adductor tenotomy
2344008Complicated cystorrhaphy
2364003Radical resection of tumor of soft tissue of wrist area
2371008Tympanoplasty type II with graft against incus or malleus
2393003Ligation of vein of lower limb
2407009Excision of mediastinal tumor
2409007Replantation of toe
2442008Incision of lacrimal canaliculus
2455009Revision of lumbosubarachnoid shunt
2459003Destructive procedure of artery of upper extremity
2474001Repair of malunion of metatarsal bones
2486003Destructive procedure of breast
2535006Removal of pulp - complete
2547000Excision of keloid
2552005Incision of cerebral subarachnoid space
2564002Creation of lumbar shunt including laminectomy
2566000Osteoplasty of radius
2567009Resection of rib by transaxillary approach
2580007Transplant of hair follicles to scalp
2598006Open heart surgery
2601001Removal of bone flap of skull
2607002Operation of supporting structures of uterus
2613006Implantation of joint prosthesis of hand
2616003Repair of bifid digit of hand
2632000Incision and drainage of infected bursa of upper arm
2643008Ligation of varicose vein of head and neck
2644002Cauterization of liver
2646000Incision and exploration of vas deferens
2659008Suture of ligament of lower extremity
2673004Incision and drainage of masticator space by extraoral approach
2697008Stripping and ligation of great saphenous vein
2716009Dermal-fat-fascia graft
2732007Recession of tendon of hand
2737001Exploratory craniotomy, infratentorial
2742009Destruction of Bartholin's gland
2780005Osteoplasty of facial bones
2794006Cauterization of navel
2802005Manual dilation and stretching
2837008Transposition of ulnar nerve at elbow
2843005Revision of urinary conduit
2851008Arthrotomy for synovectomy of sternoclavicular joint
2854000Bursectomy of hand
2866006Obliteration of lymphatic structure
2875008Implantation of joint prosthesis of elbow
2891006Arthroscopy of elbow with partial synovectomy
2908005Cryotherapy to hemorrhoid
2914003Anterior sclerotomy
2915002Suture of capsule of ankle
2945004Suprapubic diverticulectomy of urinary bladder
2960001Closure of fistula of uterine cervix
2968008Craniectomy with treatment of penetrating wound of brain
2970004Metacarpal lengthening and transfer of local flap
2971000Closure of acquired urethrovaginal fistula
2977001Thrombectomy of lower limb vein
3001009Total lobectomy with bronchoplasty
3026000Tibiotalar arthrodesis
3041000Repair of stomach
3060007Forequarter amputation, right
3061006Complete excision of nail AND nail matrix
3078002Embolectomy with catheter of renal artery by abdominal incision
3090000Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement of lower limb artery
3164000Open reduction of closed mandibular fracture with interdental fixation
3166003Closure of fistula of salivary gland
3183007Closure of colostomy
3186004Excision of Skene gland
3204007Destructive procedure of nerve
3241008Correction of chordee with mobilization of urethra
3249005Surgical construction of filtration bleb
3268008Transplantation of tissue of pelvic region
3278006Lysis of adhesions of bursa of hand
3324009Laser beam photocoagulation
3326006Excision of exostosis of head of fifth metatarsal
3328007Incision of vein of head and neck
3338002Open reduction of open radial shaft fracture
3360004Biliary anastomosis
3407002Creation of lesion of spinal cord by percutaneous method
3418002Discectomy of spine
3443008Pulp capping
3498003Total excision of pituitary gland by transsphenoidal approach
3499006Aspiration of vitreous with replacement
3546002CVG - Coronary vein graft
3559005Insertion of ureteral stent with ureterotomy
3562008Rodney Smith operation, radical subtotal pancreatectomy
3564009Removal of foreign body from fallopian tube
3575008Repair of fascia with graft of fascia
3605001Reduction of ciliary body
3607009Transplantation of mesenteric tissue
3654008Excision of lingula
3659003Incision of inner ear
3664004Closure of scleral fistula
3666002Repair of peripheral nerve by suturing
3673007Leadbetter urethral reconstruction
3686003Zancolli operation for tendon transfer of biceps
3690001Shunt of left subclavian to descending aorta by Blalock-Park operation
3691002Wedge osteotomy of tarsals and metatarsals
3700004Erysophake extraction of lens
3713005Release for de Quervain tenosynovitis of hand
3734003SSG - Split skin graft
3740005Removal of foreign body of canthus by incision
3786007Excision of lesion of pharynx
3796003Excision of redundant mucosa from jejunostomy
3826004Blepharotomy with drainage of abscess of eyelid
3828003Open biopsy of vertebral body of thoracic region
3861005Aneurysmectomy with anastomosis of lower limb artery
3864002Excisional biopsy of scrotum
3880007Excision of lesion of fibula
3881006Incision and drainage of submental space by extraoral approach
3887005Wart ligation
3889008Suture of lip
3907006Incision and drainage of retroperitoneal abscess
3911000Transplantation of muscle
3915009Excision of artery of thorax and abdomen
3917001Excisional biopsy of phalanges of foot
3918006Plastic repair with lengthening
3938007Cerclage for retinal reattachment
3957003Arteriectomy of thoracoabdominal aorta
3963007Operation on submaxillary gland
3968003Excision of spinal facet joint
3969006Removal of osteocartilagenous loose body from joint structures
3980006Partial excision of esophagus
4037006Removal of vascular graft or prosthesis
4044002Construction of permanent colostomy
4045001Drainage of cerebral ventricle by incision
4068005Removal of ventricular reservoir with synchronous replacement
4084006Repair of tendon of hand by graft or implant of muscle
4094001Reduction of retroversion of uterus by suppository
4101004Revision of spinal pleurothecal shunt
4116001Construction of window
4119008Intracranial phlebectomy with anastomosis
4139007Posterior spinal cordotomy
4154001Incision and drainage of penis
4176005Fothergill repair
4213001Implantation of Ommaya reservoir
4226002Excision of lesion of thoracic vein
4252008Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement by interposition
4304000Excision of cusp of tricuspid valve
4323007Destruction of lesion of sclera
4333004Incision and drainage of perisplenic space
4336007Lloyd-Davies operation, abdominoperineal resection
4339000Repair of nasolabial fistula
4341004Complete submucous resection of turbinate
4348005Musculoplasty of hand
4350002Removal of implant of cornea
4365001Surgical repair
4380007Transposition of vulvar tissue
4387005Valvuloplasty of pulmonary valve in total repair of tetralogy of Fallot
4388000Repair of splenocolic fistula
4407008Slitting of lacrimal canaliculus for passage of tube
4420006Incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess by external approach
4443002Decortication of ovary
4449003Manipulation of spinal meninges
4455008Open reduction of open elbow dislocation
4467005Excision of tumor of ankle area, deep, intramuscular
4489009Neurolysis of trigeminal nerve
4505003Tenolysis of flexor tendon of forearm
4507006Decompression fasciotomy of wrist, flexor and extensor compartment
4516005Iridencleisis and iridotasis
4520009Anastomosis of esophagus, antesternal or antethoracic, with insertion of prosthesis
4533003Ligation of artery of lower limb
4535005Incision of pelvirectal tissue
4539004Excision of cyst of bronchus
4544006Excision of subcutaneous tumor of extremities
4558008Anterior resection of rectum
4585001Decompression of tendon of hand
4587009Epiphysiodesis of distal radius
4593001Cauterization of sclera with iridectomy
4626009Take-down of arterial anastomosis
4636001Denker operation for radical maxillary antrotomy
4640005Ligation of fallopian tubes by abdominal approach
4642002Removal of inflatable penile prosthesis, with pump, reservoir and cylinders
4671001Excision of lesion from sphenoid sinus
4692001Transplantation of artery of upper extremity
4707009Partial excision of calcaneus
4756005Cryotherapy of subcutaneous tissue
4770005Colporrhaphy for repair of urethrocele
4784000Operation on sublingual gland
4811009Reconstruction of diaphragm
4820000Incision of labial frenum
4829004Excision of small intestine for interposition
4862007Revision of anastomosis of large intestine
4877004Extracapsular extraction of lens with iridectomy
4895001Construction of sigmoid bladder
4904006Dilation of anal sphincter under nonlocal anesthesia
4930005Repair of thoracogastric fistula
4957007Cervical spinal fusion for pseudoarthrosis
4974007Liver operation
4987001Osteoplasty of cranium with flap of bone
5034009Graft to hair-bearing skin
5057003Radical orbitomaxillectomy
5121005Wedge osteotomy of pelvic bone
5130002Needling of lens for cataract
5147001Excision of lesion of ankle joint
5162004Excision of pressure ulcer
5165002Division of thoracic artery
5176003Thromboendarterectomy with graft of renal artery
5184004Osteotomy of shaft of femur with fixation
5186002Arthrotomy for synovectomy of glenohumeral joint
5191001Surgical treatment of missed miscarriage of second trimester
5212002Excision of lesion of lacrimal gland by frontal approach
5233006Lateral fasciotomy
5243009Suture of adenoid fossa
5245002Transplantation of peripheral vein
5267001Adrenal artery ligation
5270002Bilateral destruction of fallopian tubes
5282006Operation on oropharynx
5290006Incision and drainage of Ludwig angina
5298004Incision and drainage of deep hematoma of thigh region
5316002Closed osteotomy of mandibular ramus
5317006Radical amputation of penis with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy
5328005Shortening of Achilles tendon
5342002Prophylactic treatment of tibia with methyl methacrylate
5348003Repair of endocardial cushion defect
5384005Excision of part of frontal cortex
5393006Exploration of parathyroid with mediastinal exploration by sternal split approach
5415002Destruction of lesion of liver
5419008Lysis of adhesions of tendon of hand
5431005Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty
5446003Excision of cervical rib for outlet compression syndrome with sympathectomy
5456004Graft of lymphatic structure
5460001Removal of prosthesis from fallopian tube
5486006Delayed suture of tendon of hand
5506006Incision and exploration of abdominal wall
5521000Open reduction of fracture of phalanges of foot
5536002Arthrodesis of carpometacarpal joint of digits, other than thumb
5545001Repair of carotid body
5551006Direct laryngoscopy with arytenoidectomy with operating microscope
5570001Arthrotomy for infection with exploration and drainage of carpometacarpal joint
5571002Excision of lesion of aorta with end-to-end anastomosis
5572009Incision of kidney pelvis
5616006Osteoplasty of tibia
5621009Excision of malignant lesion of skin of extremities
5632009Open biopsy of bronchus
5636007Fistulectomy of bone
5648005Surgical repair and revision of shunt
5663008Phlebectomy of varicose vein of head and neck
5687005Removal of foreign body from ovary
5690004Incision of seminal vesicle
5721002Repair of eyebrow
5722009Surgical reanastomosis of colon
5745003Excision ampulla of Vater with reimplantation of common duct
5760000Osteoplasty of radius and ulna, shortening
5777000Flexorplasty of elbow
5781000Operation on nasal septum
5787001Elevation of bone fragments of orbit of skull with debridement
5789003Lysis of adhesions of intestines
5796001Excision of external thrombotic hemorrhoid
5806001Revision of tracheostomy scar
5807005Fenestration of inner ear, initial
5809008Selective vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
5821007Ligation, division and complete stripping of long and short saphenous veins
5832007Partial ostectomy of thorax, ribs or sternum
5845006Emulsification procedure
5865004Open reduction of dislocation of toe
5870006Tertiary closure of abdominal wall
5892005Mastoid antrotomy
5925002Incision and drainage of hematoma of wrist
5961007Division of blood vessels of cornea
5971009Incision and drainage of axilla
5983006Repair of spermatic cord
5992009Midtarsal arthrodesis, multiple
5998008Radical dissection of groin
6005008Transplantation of vitreous by anterior approach
6025007Laparoscopic appendectomy
6029001Augmentation of outflow tract of pulmonary valve
6082008Perforation of footplate
6100001Fenestration of stapes footplate with vein graft
6119006Local destruction of lesion of bony palate
6130009Surgical exposure of impacted or unerupted tooth to aid eruption
6146001Repair of heart septum with prosthesis
6148000Chondrectomy of semilunar cartilage of knee
6161000Excision of lesion of capsule of toes
6164008Osteoclasis of clavicle
6187000Repair of aneurysm with graft of common femoral artery
6188005Arthrotomy of knee
6189002Excision of aberrant tissue of breast
6198004Repair of fracture with Sofield type procedure
6200005Excision of lesion of female perineum
6221005Suture of colon
6231003Graft of palate
6240004Operative procedure on knee
6255008Resection of abdominal artery with replacement
6274000Excision of aural glomus tumor, extended, extratemporal
6286002Destructive procedure on ovaries and fallopian tubes
6295005Sequestrectomy of pelvic bone
6337001Ligation of aortic arch
6355005Removal of internal fixation device of radius
6358007Capsulorrhaphy of joint
6363006Dilation of lacrimal punctum with irrigation
6370006Chemosurgery of stomach lesion
6399001Division of arteriovenous fistula with ligation
6402000Excision of common bile duct
6403005Lengthening of muscle of hand
6419003Excision of tumor from elbow area, deep, subfascial
6433003Closed heart valvotomy of mitral valve
6438007Exploration of ciliary body
6439004Destruction of lesion of peripheral nerve
6444006Enlargement of eye socket
6465000Arthrotomy of glenohumeral joint for infection with drainage
6473009Suture of old obstetrical laceration of uterus
6486000Curettage of sclera
6487009Hand tendon pulley reconstruction with tendon prosthesis
6499002Tsuge operation on finger for macrodactyly repair
6519001Operation on multiple extraocular muscles with temporary detachment from globe
6527005Uchida fimbriectomy with tubal ligation by endoscopy
6535008Excision of cyst of hand
6536009Implantation of tricuspid valve with tissue graft
6547002Repair with closure of non-surgical wound
6562000Destruction of lesion of tongue
6563005Transposition of muscle of hand
6567006Pulmonary valve commissurotomy by transvenous balloon method
6634001Destruction of hemorrhoids, internal
6639006Replacement of obstructed valve in shunt system
6661001King-Steelquist hindquarter operation
6670003Closure of external fistula of trachea
6682007Reattachment of amputated ear
6704000Repair of parasternal diaphragmatic hernia
6712008Piercing of nail
6719004Incision of bone of femur
6722002Nephrolithotomy for removal of calculus
6726004Incision and drainage of appendiceal abscess by transabdominal approach
6727008Excision of lesion of bone of humerus
6732009Type II, early periodontitis, moderate pocket therapy
6745008Indirect laryngoscopy with removal of foreign body
6759001Esophagojejunostomy by thoracic approach
6760006Excision of lesion of phalanges of foot
6774004Closure of tracheostomy
6776002Auricular aneurysmectomy
6779009Open treatment of slipped femoral epiphysis
6801000Resection of mesentery
6812000Mohs' chemosurgery, fixed tissue technique
6818001Excision of buccal mucosa
6833009Closed osteotomy of mandibular angle
6846004Incision of pituitary gland
6889000Shortening of sclera by scleral buckling
6898002Arthroscopically aided posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
6909004Excisional biopsy of peripheral nerve ganglion
6915004Brunschwig operation, temporary gastrostomy
6948004Removal of calcareous deposit of tendon of hand
6951006Aponeurorrhaphy of hand
6967000Open reduction of separation of epiphysis of fibula
6976007Craniocervical spinal fusion
7001008Frenotomy of tongue
7012008Coagulation or electrocoagulation of spinal cord lesion
7017002Ligation of internal jugular vein
7026004Transfer of pectoralis major tendon
7040003Lysis of adhesions of nerve ganglion
7043001Repair of inguinal hernia with spermatocelectomy
7082004Reduction of fracture of hand with internal fixation
7105001Bosworth operation arthroplasty for acromioclavicular separation
7122004Embolectomy of abdominal vein
7171009Shortening of round ligament of uterus
7177008Horizontal osteotomy of mandible
7190001Mandibular condylectomy
7216000Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement of head and neck artery
7221002Formation of tubed pedicle graft, head and neck
7223004Take-down of stoma of large intestine
7232002Adrenalectomy of remaining gland
7240008Total laryngectomy with partial pharyngectomy and synchronous tracheostomy
7260000Open biopsy of gallbladder
7298000Fulguration of skin
7304009Lysis of adhesions of vagina
7306006Partial ostectomy of tibia and fibula
7364007Ligature of femoral vein, complete
7365008Ligation of abdominal artery
7383000Anastomosis of intrathoracic artery
7388009Repair of graft-enteric fistula
7410008Incision of tarsals or metatarsals
7412000Incision of lymphangioma
7414004Intraoperative transluminal aortic angioplasty
7418001Suture of fascia to skeletal attachment of hand
7419009Destruction of cranial nerve
7459007Revision of arteriovenous fistula with thrombectomy with autogenous graft
7486007Reattachment of muscle
7495004Stromeyer-Little operation hepatotomy
7534000Repair of perineourethroscrotal fistula
7541006Exploration of testis
7553005Excisional biopsy of eye
7556002Ligation of ureter
7621005Transplantation of peritoneal tissue
7634006Arthrectomy of spine
7635007Incision of vertebral column
7642007Endarterectomy of abdominal artery
7647001Incision of salivary gland
7649003Orthopedic procedure on head
7663009Repair of injury of eyeball
7664003Incision of external auditory canal
7683005Incision of blood vessel
7709002Transfer of finger to opposite hand with amputation
7775009Ligation of abdominal varicose vein
7776005Reopening of canthorrhaphy
7782008Division of ligament of shoulder
7797006Excision of gastric polyp
7798001Conjunctivoplasty with conjunctival graft
7807006Ganglionectomy of tendon sheath site
7813002Esophagojejunostomy with interposition of small bowel
7818006Complete dermabrasion
7823006Primary repair of torn ligament of knee, cruciate
7824000Enlargement of pre-existing atrial septal defect
7833003Endoscopic excision of lesion of pancreatic duct
7839004Incision and exploration of male perineum
7876001Open reduction of closed sternoclavicular dislocation, acute, with fascial graft
7891004Periurethral suspension
7898005Destruction of lesion of retina by cryotherapy
7908000Operation on ileum
7937001Transplantation of adrenal gland
7949000Arthrotomy of glenohumeral joint for infection with exploration
7980005Cauterization of subcutaneous tissue
7981009Repair of endocardial cushion defect with tissue graft
7989006Removal of prosthesis of joint structures of hip
8020008Arthroplasty of shoulder with synthetic joint prosthesis
8021007Arthrotomy of elbow for infection with removal of foreign body
8069005Implantation of tricuspid valve prosthesis or synthetic device
8082002Removal of foreign body of lacrimal gland by incision
8085000Suction assisted lipectomy of upper extremity
8095007Aspiration curettage of uterus after abortion
8096008Capsulotomy of midfoot with tendon lengthening
8102001Aneurysmectomy of aorta
8126004Transposition of tissue of chest wall
8136007Revision of scar of skin
8142006Weir operation for correction of nostrils
8144007Removal of foreign body from trachea by incision
8152005Removal of internal fixation device of ulna
8155007Excision of basal ganglion
8174004Roux-en-Y cholecystoenterostomy
8189008Partial amputation of penis
8192007Vaginal repair of enterocele
8194008Closure of pyelocutaneous fistula
8215004Lisfranc shoulder disarticulation
8223002Osseous labyrinthectomy
8224008Surgical occlusion of intracranial artery
8236002Replacement of Crutchfield tongs of skull
8253009Excision of Wolffian duct
8255002Repair of filtering bleb by suture
8271002Revision of total hip arthroplasty, both components, with allograft
8322005Closure of stomach ulcer
8324006Incision and drainage of rectal abscess
8332003Excision of deep jugular nodes
8345004Wedge biopsy of liver
8353007Excision of lesion of lower limb vein
8363004Operative procedure on forearm
8366007Operation on nipple
8382008Creation of pulmonary-innominate artery shunt
8388007Partial horizontal laryngectomy
8403000Repair of nasopharyngeal fistula
8409001Femoral embolectomy
8420001Abrasion procedure
8422009Destruction of hemorrhoids by sclerotherapy
8430005Teflon implant into epiglottis
8444004Removal of gallstones from liver
8462008Arthrotomy of finger
8476009Operation on bone injury of femur
8500004Tenotomy of adductor of hip, subcutaneous, closed
8505009Neurolysis of peripheral nerve
8508006Osteotomy of metatarsal
8532004Operation on adrenal nerve
8550006Partial bilateral salpingectomy for sterilization
8558004Incision and drainage of deep pelvirectal abscess
8561003Destruction of epithelial downgrowth of anterior chamber of eye
8583004Incision and drainage of hip joint area for deep abscess
8596003Open reduction of open scapular fracture, juxta-articular
8613002Operation on appendix
8616005Rhinocheiloplasty repair for cleft lip
8645007Aorta-coronary sinus shunt
8667008Intertrochanteric osteotomy with internal fixation and cast
8673009Incision and drainage of buccal space
8703004Repair of endocardial cushion defect with prosthesis
8750008Avulsion of pudendal nerve
8768006Division of aponeurosis
8773000Transplantation of large intestine
8777004Incision and exploration of large intestine
8782006Radical perineal prostatectomy
8811003Repair of hepatothoracic fistula
8828000Plication of peripheral vein
8842008Removal of prosthesis of joint structure of spine
8846006Synovectomy of hip joint
8863005Open biopsy of vertebral body of cervical region
8869009Endoscopic dilation of gastrojejunostomy site
8874001Arthroscopy of knee with medial and lateral meniscectomy
8876004Aortocoronary artery bypass graft with prosthesis
8888002Symphysiectomy of bone
8889005Excisional biopsy
8891002Partial removal of vitreous by anterior approach
8896007Osteotomy of acetabular bone
8898008Osteoplasty of tarsal or metatarsal
8902002Simple pyeloplasty
8903007Excision of omphalomesenteric duct
8920006Repair of retina for retinal detachment
8932005Replacement of joint of foot and toe
8951004Excision of lesion of retroperitoneum
8979005Insertion of peritoneovenous shunt
8990000Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of peripheral artery
9036004Direct smear for ectoparasites
9047006Excision of lesion of bone of vertebra
9102008Proximal subtotal gastrectomy by thoracic approach
9121000Excision of lesion of large intestine
9132000Reopening of osteotomy site of facial bone
9137006Discission of membranous cataract, secondary
9150007Change of length of muscle of hand
9161004Excision of olecranon bursa
9162006Transplantation of scrotal tissue
9175006Parietal cell vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
9178008Implantation of nerve end into bone
9191009Suture of tonsillar fossa
9217002Surgical fracture of nasal turbinates
9218007Therapeutic apical closure
9221009Surgical treatment of septic abortion
9225000Revision of stapedectomy
9227008Incision of rectovaginal septum
9238008Suture of stomach
9257004Revision of intracranial neurostimulator receiver
9274004Removal of intra-aortic balloon with repair of aorta with graft
9280007Proctoplasty for stenosis
9292007Esophageal hiatus hernia repair
9299003Coagulation of aneurysm of cerebral vessel
9316008Crushing of peripheral nerve
9328000Excision of lesion of fascia
9353002Muscle flap of trunk
9365003Stripping of lower limb varicose veins
9372002Drainage of cranial sinus by trephination
9373007Stripping of vocal fold
9394005Incision of fascial compartments of head
9407005Insertion of pin-retained palatal prosthesis
9409008Incisional biopsy of pancreas
9411004Incision of postzygomatic space
9429009GP - Gastroplasty
9469005Operative procedure on cranial nerve
9503007Benenenti operation for rotation of bulbous urethra
9521005Anal fistulectomy, second stage
9524002Total pancreatectomy
9540004Laparoscopic adhesiolysis
9548006Creation of lumbar subarachnoid shunt with laminectomy
9552006Transposition of tissue of tongue
9555008Incision of chalazion
9577007Thermocauterization of cervix
9578002Incision and removal by magnet
9579005Subtalar arthrodesis
9599004Biopsy of cervix with fulguration
9604005Division of aberrant vessel with reanastomosis
9624009Tenectomy of eye
9666005Esophagocolic anastomosis, antesternal or antethoracic
9667001Surgical evulsion
9693008Sequestrectomy of vertebra
9719003Operation on extraocular muscle and tendon
9722001Removal of implanted material from anterior segment of eye
9724000Repair of current obstetric laceration of uterus
9730000Arthrodesis of hip
9735005Repair of colon
9737002Colpotomy with drainage of pelvic abscess
9754005Repair of laceration of sclera with synchronous repair of conjunctiva
9782003Gross operation, herniorrhaphy
9788004Lysis of penile adhesions
9790003Graft of penis
9811006Destruction of tissue of tongue
9835001Removal of cerebral ventricular catheter
9844000Autogenous graft of rib cartilage to ear
9860001Aneurysmectomy of descending aorta
9874008Arthrectomy of hip
9877001Repair of paraumbilical hernia
9888007Excision of intracranial lesion
9895003Destruction of lesion - large intestine
9905009Loop colostomy
9924007Excision and replacement
9938000Repair of stoma of ureter
9940005Excision of lesion of muscle of hand
9993006Incision of diaphragm
9996003Arthrotomy with drainage of tarsometatarsal joint
10002003Resection of stomach fundus
10006000Xenon photocoagulation of retina for detachment
10019001Incision and drainage of infected bursa of wrist
10088002Revision of jejunoileal bypass
10090001Periosteotomy of facial bone
10116005Simple repair of superficial wounds of scalp and neck
10159000Revision of gastroduodenal anastomosis with reconstruction and vagotomy
10178000Extracapsular extraction of cataract by inferior temporal route
10185001Repair of hernia of fascia of hand
10190003Aortocoronary bypass of four or more coronary arteries
10220003Subclavian-axillary artery bypass graft with vein
10233009Intramedullary nailing of fibula
10236001Excision of intraductal papilloma of breast
10254002Excision of diverticula of small intestine
10255001Incision of ureter
10272008Closure of fistula of the diaphragm
10289000Revision of gastroduodenal anastomosis with reconstruction
10311005Reduction of closed talus fracture with manipulation and percutaneous pinning
10326007Coronary artery bypass with autogenous graft, three grafts
10330005Destructive procedure on artery of head and neck
10359005Revision of obstructed valve in CSF shunt system
10388006Manipulation of tissue of diaphragm
10420000Lumbar and lumbosacral fusion by lateral transverse process technique
10428007Radiologic guidance for dilation of ureters
10431008Neuroplasty of median nerve at carpal tunnel
10444003Operation on omentum
10460004Phlebectomy with graft replacement
10489002Nasal endoscopy with nasal polypectomy
10492003Radionuclide therapy for glandular suppression
10516001Postpartum ligation of fallopian tubes
10522005Destruction of lesion of salivary gland
10525007Decompression of fingers, injection injury
10529001Repair of filtering bleb by suture with conjunctival flap
10536000Simple electrodesiccation of lesion of penis
10543006Hegar operation, perineorrhaphy
10558003Repair of bronchopleural fistula
10587002Fulguration of Skene's glands
10590008Fulguration of lesion of large intestine
10594004Bilateral excision of hydrocele
10615008Atrial aneurysmectomy
10624004Complete dacryocystectomy
10652008Fistulization of cisterna chyli
10658007Suture of sciatic nerve
10666003Exploration for removal of deep foreign body of forearm
10674002Arthrotomy of elbow for synovectomy
10683007Destruction of lesion of heart
10715004Arthroplasty of distal radius with prosthetic replacement
10719005Excision of xanthoma site
10726005Extensive excision of nasal polyps
10739009Excision of lesion of bone of thorax, ribs or sternum
10777003Removal of implant from hand
10795000Ventriculocaval shunt with valve
10804001Removal of foreign body from spinal meninges
10807008Scleral reinforcement with graft
10831003Direct closure of laceration of conjunctiva with nonperforating scleral laceration
10836008Decompression of spinal cord
10841000Osteotomy of iliac bone with femoral osteotomy
10855008Bypass graft with artificial transplant
10869008Hemigastrectomy with vagotomy
10870009Repair of atrial septal defect in total repair of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection
10871008Segmental osteotomy of maxilla
10881007Phenopeel of skin
10882000Bilateral ligation and division of fallopian tubes
10900009Reefing of joint capsule
10907007Release of high riding scapula
10913003Patch closure of endocardial cushion defect with repair of tricuspid cleft
10918007Incision and drainage of retropharyngeal tissue
10929006Myectomy for graft
10940003Excisional biopsy of breast with preoperative localization
10943001Graft of amnionic membrane to skin
10971007Incision of soft tissue
10985002Gallbladder to intestine anastomosis
10988000Open reduction of lunate dislocation
10991000Insertion of vessel-to-vessel cannula
11050006Closure of vesicouterine fistula with hysterectomy
11053008Stapedectomy with reestablishment of ossicular continuity with use of foreign material
11101003Percutaneous transluminal coronary balloon angioplasty
11116000Incision of ingrown nail
11127003Esophagogastrostomy, antesternal or antethoracic
11150009Partial parotidectomy
11155004Mammoplasty with injection into one breast
11173001Bypass transplantation with allogeneic transplant
11227005Excision of ganglion of tendon sheath of hand
11228000Dieffenbach operation for hip disarticulation
11232006Lateral fasciotomy with annular ligament of finger resection
11236009Near-total pancreatectomy with preservation of duodenum
11242008Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement of thoracic artery
11245005Initial dilation of female urethra
11273007Division of artery of lower limb
11276004Lysis of adhesions of eyelid
11291002Excision of lesion of omentum
11315009Neuroplasty of nerve of foot
11328002Removal of foreign body from nose by incision
11346008Thrombectomy with catheter of vena cava by abdominal and leg incision
11347004FND - Functional neck dissection
11349001Incision of abscess of lip
11369006Oral vestibuloplasty
11377005Direct laryngoscopy with excision of tumor
11401008Dilatation and curettage
11445008Excision of infected graft
11466000CS - Cesarean section
11499003Destruction of lesion or structure by radiofrequency
11516009Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement of abdominal aorta
11519002Repair of bronchoesophageal fistula
11524004Primary suture of ruptured ligament of ankle, collateral
11550000Incision of vas deferens
11574002Creation of endorectal ileal H-pouch with anastomosis to anus
11592005Spinal fusion of atlas-axis for pseudoarthrosis
11598009Excision of synovial cyst
11601004Complicated seminal vesiculotomy
11608005Open reduction of open shoulder dislocation with fracture of greater tuberosity
11626008Miles operation, complete proctectomy
11651009Proximal phalangectomy for hammer toe
11665006Incision of epididymis
11673002Local destruction of lesion of joint of finger
11685005Recession of tendon
11686006Periosteal suture of radius
11703007Extensive retroperitoneal transabdominal lymphadenectomy
11707008Fallopian tube repair
11717003Wedge osteotomy of clavicle
11718008Excision of thoracic artery
11722003Freeing of adhesions of meninges of spinal cord
11748006Repair of atrial septal defect with prosthesis by open heart technique
11755008Arthrotomy of mediocarpal joint for infection with removal of foreign body
11759002Augmentation rhinoplasty with prosthetic material
11809004Operation on cecum
11810009Operation on male genital system
11812001Reconstruction for recurrent dislocating patella with extensor realignment
11848004Radical resection of tumor of soft tissue of hand
11856001Simple repair of wounds of trunk
11878008Excision of lesion of uterosacral ligament
11883000Arthrodesis of metacarpophalangeal joint with internal fixation
11912002Scraping of trachoma follicles
11922008Osteoplasty of femur, lengthening
11929004Lysis of adhesions of spinal cord and nerve roots
11933006Repair of atrial heart septum in total repair of tetralogy of Fallot
11954004Repair of liver
11964008Internal fixation of femur without fracture reduction
11972005Incision of nerve
11973000Excision of accessory spleen
11995001Suture of salivary gland
12012002Partial excision of vertebra of thoracic region
12038002Incision of endocardium
12044003Lacrimal apparatus operation
12047005Colporrhaphy for repair of enterocele
12054004Extensive destruction of lesion of vulva
12072005Maxillectomy with orbital exenteration
12074006Ligation of gastric varices
12077004Reduction of fracture of fibula with internal fixation
12084007Repair of fascia of hand by suture
12092003Repair of rectal prolapse
12093008Excisional biopsy of orbit
12099007Millin-Read operation for urethrovesical suspension
12102007Inversion of diverticulum of large intestine
12113005Scleral buckling with vitrectomy
12126009Resection of ulna
12132004Langenbeck operation, cleft palate repair
12135002Radical resection of tumor of soft tissue of ankle area
12142002Division of ligament of knee
12144001Ligation of inferior vena cava
12155001Total ostectomy of humerus
12158004Ostectomy for graft of mandible
12163000Needling of secondary cataract
12175005Repair of blood vessel with suture
12240002Repair of umbilical hernia with prosthesis
12253004Insertion of graft of aorta with cardiopulmonary bypass
12265000Suture of ulcer of skin
12291004Revision of gastrojejunal anastomosis with reconstruction with bowel resection
12299002Osteotomy of phalanges of hand
12314005Repair of nonunion of humerus with iliac autograft
12317003Ligation of superior longitudinal sinus
12324002Exploratory laparotomy with biopsy
12330002Complete parathyroidectomy
12361006Osteotomy of radius and ulna
12363009Complete repair of tetralogy of Fallot with closure of previous shunt
12378002Incision and drainage of perigastric space
12385003Repair of mouth laceration
12392008Accessory-facial anastomosis
12398007Excision of endometrial synechiae
12410002Looposcopy orchiopexy
12415007Endoscopic destruction of lesion of duodenum
12418009Intermediate transfer of pedicle flap
12421006Closure of esophagostomy by thoracic approach
12445005Repair of ventricular septal defect with tissue graft
12481008Incision of middle ear
12483006Osteotomy of clavicle
12492009Delayed suture of tendon
12518007Operation on male perineum
12523007Joint capsulodesis
12528003Cross intrinsic transfer
12558009Dilation of intestinal stoma
12599003Deroofing procedure on vertebra
12600000Incision and drainage of ankle for deep abscess
12605005Incision of retroperitoneum
12617007Resection of lower limb artery with replacement by graft
12621000Reopening of laminectomy or laminotomy site
12644002Arthrodesis by posterior technique of atlas-axis with internal fixation
12646000Repair of incarcerated inguinal hernia
12647009Excision of lesion of male perineum
12649007Transposition of prostatic tissue
12651006Sclerectomy for retinal reattachment
12654003Transluminal prosthetic closure of patent foramen ovale
12658000Operation on female genital organs
12660003Repair of complete shoulder cuff avulsion, chronic
12663001Amputation below-knee conversion into above-knee amputation
12664007Excision with graft replacement of thoracic artery
12703009Excision of lesion of pelvic wall
12708000Excision of accessory nipple
12718005Excision of aberrant renal artery
12726002Removal of foreign body of tonsil by incision
12739003Revision of ileostomy, complicated
12745006Operative procedure on pelvis
12762001Suture of eyelid
12771005Partial excision of patella
12780005Indirect laryngoscopy with removal of lesion
12796008Transection of fallopian tube by abdominal approach
12807004Destruction of lesion of testis
12826007Dorrance operation, push-back operation for cleft palate
12827003Partial proctectomy
12838003Incision and exploration of neck
12846002Repair of blood vessel with patch graft
12863003Repair of uterorectal fistula


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