CodeX Implementation Guide: ICAREdata v0.1.2

CodeX Implementation Guide: ICAREdata v0.1.2 FHIR Profiles - Local Development build (v0.1.2). See the Directory of published versions

Primary extensions defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Name Definition

The proposal, order, or plan that is partly or wholly fulfilled by this item.


The Care Plan that this Care Plan is a portion of.


The Care Plan that was replaced by the current Care Plan.


The explanation or justification for the current item or action, as a code. Reason is a string or CodeableConcept in DSTU2 but in later versions only a CodeableConcept.


Indicates the level of authority/intentionality associated with the request and where the request fits into the workflow chain.


Documentation of a re-assessment of the Care Plan, which may or may not lead to a revision of the plan. The fact the assessment has been conducted should be documented even when the Care Plan is not changed.

Implementation note: A ReasonCode is required when Changed value is TRUE.


FHIR: This provides a minimal amount of Provenance information that can be used to track or differentiate the source of information in the resource. The source may identify another FHIR server, document, message, database, etc. FHIM: Identifies the computer system that created the medical record. This optional field may also be used to indicate that the medical record was originally created by a different organization from the one that is currently storing or utilizing the record in that the assigning authority of the Id could be set to that originating organization. This property is optional, as some systems will assume that all records that it contains originated in that system, however it is anticipated that it will become increasingly commonplace for records from multiple systems and organizations will be comingled in order to provide a complete picture of the patient’s health record.


The point in time when the statement was created.


A distinguishing word or group of words naming an item.