CodeX Implementation Guide: ICAREdata
1.0.0 - CI Build

CodeX Implementation Guide: ICAREdata - Local Development build (v1.0.0). See the Directory of published versions

Artifacts Summary

This page provides a list of the FHIR artifacts defined as part of this implementation guide.

Structures: Resource Profiles

These define constraints on FHIR resources that need to be complied with by conformant implementations

Care Plan with Review An extended Care Plan that includes clinical reviews and documentation of changes. The Care Plan itself describes how one or more practitioners intend to deliver care for a particular patient, group or community for a period of time, possibly limited to care for a specific condition or set of conditions. The Care Plan tracks the progress of activities associated with the plan. The review extension includes the practitioner doing the review, date of review, whether the plan was changed, a coded reason for change, and a narrative describing the change.

Structures: Extension Definitions

These define constraints on FHIR data types that need to be complied with by conformant implementations

CarePlanReview Documentation of a re-assessment of the Care Plan, which may or may not lead to a revision of the plan. The fact the assessment has been conducted should be documented even when the Care Plan is not changed. Implementation note: A ReasonCode is required when ChangedFlag is true.

Terminology: Value Sets

These define sets of codes used by systems conforming with this implementation guide

Care Plan Change Reason Value Set Reasons that a care plan was changed. Similar to TreatmentTerminationReasonVS