CodeX Implementation Guide: ICAREdata v0.1.2

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SettingVS ValueSet

What type of place is found at a given location. More than one descriptor may be applicable.

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What type of place is found at a given location. More than one descriptor may be applicable.

Publisher:The MITRE Corporation
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle
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This value set contains 34 concepts

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workAt or during work, in a workplace setting.
homeAt home
residentalIn a residential setting
schoolA primary or secondary school
vehicleIn a parked or moving vehicle
officeAn non-manufacturing, indoor business setting
factoryA manufacturing-oriented business setting
businessA place of business
restaurantA setting where food is served
food_prepA place where food is prepared
worksiteWorkplace that is primarily outdoors
manufacturingA setting where manufacturing takes place
ownedA building or residence that is owned
rentalA building or residence that is rented
dormShared (unassisted) living residence, such as a dormitory or fraternity
fosterFoster care group home
assistedAssisted living or independent living facility
snfSkilled nursing facility or other Long-Term Care
shelterHomeless or other type of shelter
hotelHotel or motel
pshPermanent supportive housing for formerly homeless persons (such as SHP, S+C, or SRO Mod Rehab)
psychPsychiatric hospital or other psychiatric facility
detoxSubstance abuse treatment facility or detox center
prisonIndividual resides in a correctional facility, state hospital, jail, prison, youth authority facility, juvenile hall, boot camp or Boys Ranch.
transitionTransitional housing, residential provier program, or any type of halfway house
squatA homeless camp, abandoned building, shantytown, bus/train/subway station/airport, or squatter area
outdoorsOutside of any shelter, e.g., on a street
agriculturalAgricultural setting
farmA farm with livestock
battlefieldOn a battlefield
deployedDeployed to a military camp or area
shipOn a boat
airplaneOn an airplane
submarineAboard a submarine


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