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LandmarkTypeVS ValueSet

The type of feature that constitutes the landmark, for example, particularly if the landmark is an acquired body structure or physical object. The landmark type value set is part of BodyLocation, a flexible structure that allows the location to be determined by a single code, or a code plus laterality and/or orientation. The body location can also be specified in relation to one or more body landmarks. SNOMED CT is used in all cases. * Code only: The code should include (precoordinate) laterality and/orientation to the degree necessary to completely specify the body location. * Code plus laterality and/or orientation: The basic code augmented by codes specifying the body side and/or anatomical orientation. * Relation to landmark: The location relative to a landmark is specified by: 1. Establishing the location and type of landmark using a body site code and optional laterality/orientation, and 2. Specifying the direction and distance from the landmark to the body location. Note that BodyLocation is a data type (a reusable structure), not a stand-alone entity. The concept is similar to how a postal address can apply to a person, location, or organization. This contrasts with FHIR's stand-alone BodySite (aka BodyStructure in r4) which 'is not ... intended for describing the type of anatomical location but rather a specific body site on a specific patient' (FHIR 3.5).

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The type of feature that constitutes the landmark, for example, particularly if the landmark is an acquired body structure or physical object. The landmark type value set is part of BodyLocation, a flexible structure that allows the location to be determined by a single code, or a code plus laterality and/or orientation. The body location can also be specified in relation to one or more body landmarks. SNOMED CT is used in all cases.

  • Code only: The code should include (precoordinate) laterality and/orientation to the degree necessary to completely specify the body location.
  • Code plus laterality and/or orientation: The basic code augmented by codes specifying the body side and/or anatomical orientation.
  • Relation to landmark: The location relative to a landmark is specified by:
  • Establishing the location and type of landmark using a body site code and optional laterality/orientation, and
  • Specifying the direction and distance from the landmark to the body location.

Note that BodyLocation is a data type (a reusable structure), not a stand-alone entity. The concept is similar to how a postal address can apply to a person, location, or organization. This contrasts with FHIR's stand-alone BodySite (aka BodyStructure in r4) which 'is not ... intended for describing the type of anatomical location but rather a specific body site on a specific patient' (FHIR 3.5).

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All codes from system

271003Bone plate
882002Diagnostic implant
2282003Breast implant
3319006Artificial liver, device
8451008Intramedullary nail
11358008Prosthetic valve
12183004Upper limb prosthesis
13459008Temporary artificial heart prosthesis
14106009Cardiac pacemaker implant
14548009Harrington rod
14789005Prosthetic implant
15447007Arthroplasty prosthesis
17107009Prosthetic mitral valve
19443004Radioactive implant, device
20195009Leg prosthesis, device
20867006Experimental implant, device
22852002Therapeutic implant, device
24073000Mechanical cardiac valve prosthesis
24290003Cardiac valve bioprosthesis
24767007Eustachian tube prosthesis, device
25510005Heart valve prosthesis
26719000Celestin tube, device
31031000Internal fixator
36965003Hemodialysis machine, device
43252007Cochlear implant
44056008Caliper, device
45633005Peritoneal dialyzer, device
53217009Artificial lung, device
53996008Penile prosthesis, device
55206006Suture button, device
55986002Tong, device
56353002Staple, device
56961003Cardiac transvenous pacemaker, device
63112008Bone wire
63289001Metal nail
67270000Hip prosthesis
68183006Bone screw
70300000Skull tongs
72188006Tissue expander
72506001Implantable defibrillator
73534004Artificial skin
74444006AL - Artificial limb
75780002Artificial kidney
76428000Elbow joint prosthesis
77777004Bone staple
78498003Testicular prosthesis
79051006Greenfield filter
79593001Transvenous electrode
84610002Implantable dental prosthesis
84683006Aortic valve prosthesis
90134004Metal periosteal implant
102303004Vascular prosthesis
102314001Embolization coil
108874005Silicone plug
109226007Dental pin
109227003Hand joint prosthesis
109228008Knee joint prosthesis
111042001Artificial organ
118372006Plastic implant
118373001Silastic implant
118374007Silicone implant
118375008Cardiac septum prosthesis
118378005Pacemaker pulse generator
118379002Automatic implantable cardioverter sensing electrodes
118380004Implantable defibrillator leads
118381000Implantable cardioverter leads
118383002External fixation device
118425005Ventricular reservoir
118426006Ommaya reservoir
118427002Rickham reservoir
183170003Hindquarter prosthesis
183171004Hip disarticulation prosthesis
183172006Above knee prosthesis
183173001Through knee prosthesis
183174007Below knee prosthesis
183175008Syme's prosthesis
183176009Midfoot amputation prosthesis
183177000Shoe filler
183204002Excretory control aid
183235008Facial non-surgical prosthesis
228748004Brachytherapy implant
228749007Single plane implant
228750007Two plane implant
228751006Semicircular implant
228752004Regular volume implant
228753009Irregular volume implant
257269001External fixator bar
257270000Unilateral bar
257271001Static unilateral bar
257272008Dynamic unilateral bar
257273003Bilateral bars
257274009Bilateral bars with cross-linkage
257275005Spinal cage
257276006Carbon fiber cage
257278007Titanium cage
257282009Non-valved conduit
257283004Valved cardiac conduit
257284005Conduit with homograft valve
257285006Conduit with xenograft valve
257286007Conduit with mechanical prosthetic valve
257296003Fixation device
257302005Rigid nail
257303000Flexible intramedullary nail
257304006Locking nail
257305007Static locking nail
257306008Dynamic locking nail
257314002Steel ossicular piston
257315001Teflon piston
257320001Standard plate
257321002Dynamic compression plate (DCP) plate
257322009Limited contact dynamic compression plate (LC-DCP)
257323004Third tubular plate
257324005Half tubular plate
257325006Condylar plate
257326007Blade plate
257327003Dynamic hip screw (DHS) plate
257328008Dynamic condylar screw (DCS) plate
257329000Buttress plate
257330005Contoured plate
257331009Custom plate
257335000Iris clip lens
257336004ACIOL - anterior chamber intraocular lens implant
257337008Ossicular prosthesis
257338003Partial ossicular replacement prosthesis
257339006TORP - Total ossicular replacement prosthesis
257342000Homograft cardiac valve
257343005Xenograft cardiac valve
257344004Rods or rectangle system
257345003Rods or rectangle with sublaminar wires
257346002Rods or rectangle with screws
257347006Rods or rectangle with distraction hooks
257348001Rods or rectangle with compression hooks
257349009Rods or rectangle using combination of fixation devices
257350009Locking screw
257353006Ventriculopleural shunt
257354000VP shunt
257355004Subcutaneous cerebrospinal fluid reservoir
257356003Denver shunt
257358002Crutchfield tongs
257359005Cone pattern tongs
257360000Gardener-Wells tongs
257361001Stratford tongs
257362008Plastic stent
257363003Metal stent
257364009Self-expanding stent
257365005Balloon expanded stent
257366006Double pigtail stent
257368007Polythene strut
257372006Atkinson tube
257377000Circumferential rings
257379002Artificial conduit
257398000Prosthetic patch
257403004PDS patch
257404005Dexon patch
257405006Fenestrated synthetic patch
257406007Non-fenestrated synthetic patch
257407003Synthetic sling
257409000Vena cava filter
257410005Gianturco-Roehm filter
257411009Gunther temporary caval filter
257412002Antheor temporary caval filter
258166002Custom made implant
258168001Permanent prosthesis
258170005Silicone splint
258551007Biliary T-tube
258593008Ventricular shunt
258594002Cerebrospinal fluid shunt tubing
258595001Ventriculoatrial shunt
258596000Cerebrospinal fluid shunt valve
261011007Fixed hinge
261161001PCIOL - posterior chamber intraocular lens implant
261162008Posterior constrained knee prosthesis
261200006External fixation system
261202003External fixator using bilateral bars
261203008External fixator using bilateral bars with cross-linkage
261204002External fixator using circumferential rings
261205001External fixator using dynamic unilateral bar
261206000External fixator using static unilateral bar
261207009External fixator using unilateral bar
261247002Iridium wire
261264004Marlex patch
261265003Merselene patch
261270005Tooth restoration - plastic
261319003Active urethral prosthesis
261375002Intraconal orbital implant
261388004Prosthetic ligament
261450002Transosteol oral implant
261516009Crown - preformed
261680000Urethral sphincter prosthesis system
261720006Braided prosthetic ligament
261753001Constrained knee prosthesis
261791001Extraconal orbital implant
262022008Orbital floor implant
262045002Passive urethral prosthesis
262058001Plating system
262111007Rotating hinge
262138000Semiconstrained knee prosthesis
262160002Solid prosthetic ligament
262239004Unconstrained knee prosthesis
262250001Non-valved shunt
262309006Sternal bar
264375003Retained stent
264824009Cardiac conduit
271321009Speech bulb
271322002Dental obturator - false teeth
272196004Active electrode fixation device
272202001Ceramic tubal plug
272231002Yoon ring
272232009Fallope ring
272233004Augmentation rings
272235006Interposition shunt
272236007Dacron patch
272245008Maxillofacial prosthesis/appliance
272246009Extraoral maxillofacial prosthesis
272247000Cranial prosthesis
272248005Nasal prosthesis
272250002Composite facial prosthesis
272251003Intraoral maxillofacial prosthesis
272252005Complete denture
272253000Complete upper and lower dentures
272254006Full upper denture
272255007Complete lower denture
272256008Removable partial denture
272257004Maxillary obturator
272259001Mandibular resection prosthesis
272260006Palatal lift prosthesis
272286001Inlays, crowns and bridges
272287005Inlay dental restoration
272290004Laboratory constructed crown
272291000Full gold crown
272292007Porcelain jacket crown
272293002PC - Post crown, laboratory constructed
272294008Bonded crown
272295009Pinledge crown
272296005Basket crown
2722970013/4 crown
2722980067/8 crown
272299003Dental bridge
272301005Dental post core
272302003Dental post core - preformed
272303008Dental post core - laboratory constructed
272306000Jaw implant
272307009Endosseous oral implant
272308004Osseointegrated oral implant
272309007Subperiosteal oral implant
272310002Submucosal oral implant
277090000Maryland bridge
277091001Rochette bridge
277092008Fixed-fixed bridge - dental
277093003Fixed-movable bridge - dental
277094009Cantilever bridge - dental
277095005Spring cantilever bridge - dental
277487004Onlay dental restoration
277492002Valved shunt
278116007Types of denture
278118008Immediate denture
278119000Conventional denture
278120006Onlay denture
278123008Root form osseointegrated implant
278426008Partial upper denture
278428009PL - Partial lower denture
278437009Maxillary obturator - one part
278438004Maxillary obturator - two part
278439007Maxillary obturator - sleeve type
281851002Dental post core - direct
281852009Dental post core - indirect
281946007Adhesive dental bridge
281955005Austin-Moore prosthesis
281957002Thompsons prosthesis
285065008Temporary crown
285066009Temporary crown - laboratory constructed
285071002Temporary dental bridge
285072009Temporary dental bridge - laboratory constructed
286556003Semi-rigid penile prosthesis
286557007Inflatable penile prosthesis
286558002Ureteric stent
286570003Bulbar urethral prosthesis
286576009Urethral stent
302994005Hybrid dental bridge
303275000Intraocular implant
303276004Glaucoma tube shunt
303277008Fallopian tube prosthesis
303279006Esophageal tubal prosthesis
303406003Upper gastrointestinal prosthesis
303407007Lower gastrointestinal prosthesis
303490004Cardiovascular implant
303497001Urogenital implant
303499003Gastrointestinal implant
303500007Auditory implant
303503009Musculoskeletal implant
303515008Orbital implant
303533002Hip joint implant
303534008Ankle joint prosthesis
303567007Temporomandibular joint prosthesis
303571005External fixator using bars
303572003Total elbow joint replacement prosthesis
303593000Peritoneovenous shunt
303608005Eye implant
303610007Musculoskeletal prosthesis
303617005Vascular implant
303618000Nervous system implant
303619008Cardiac implant
303684009Esophageal prosthesis
303685005Duodenal prosthesis
303700005Pancreatic prosthesis
303704001Toe joint prosthesis
303722003Patellofemoral joint prosthesis
303723008Interphalangeal finger joint prosthesis
303724002Wrist joint prosthesis
303725001Radial head prosthesis
303726000Shoulder joint prosthesis
303892002Vena cava implant
303913007Cardiac pacemaker component
303933006Stapedectomy prosthesis
303947005Rod fixation system
304069007Respiratory system implant
304070008Body wall implant
304071007Souttar tube
304072000Mousseau-Barbin tube
304073005Body cavity implant
304074004Urinary implant
304075003Female genital implant
304076002Male genital implant
304120007Total hip replacement prosthesis
304121006Femoral head prosthesis
304124003Shoulder joint implant
304125002Total shoulder replacement prosthesis
304184000Ankle joint implant
304185004Foot joint implant
304186003Hand joint implant
304273001Corneal implant
306740006Stainless steel dental crown
307661003Blade jaw implant
310630001Breast tissue expander
310809008Fallopian tube ring
310819002Ball and cage prosthesis
310820008Tilting disc prosthesis
310835009External fixator frame component
313062001Total knee joint prosthesis
313064000Unicompartmental knee joint prosthesis
313065004Total ankle joint prosthesis
313066003Total temporomandibular joint prosthesis
313236002Intraocular lens
314518008Joint prostheses and components
314520006Prosthetic joint component
314521005Upper limb joint prosthesis
314522003Lower limb joint prosthesis
314523008Joint implant
314563009Constrained total shoulder prosthesis
314564003Unconstrained total shoulder prosthesis
314565002Neer shoulder prosthesis
314567005Lateral knee compartment prosthesis
314568000Medial knee compartment prosthesis
314574000Carpometacarpal joint prosthesis
314575004Metacarpophalangeal joint prosthesis
314576003Stanmore total hip prosthesis
314577007Charnley total hip prosthesis
314578002Elite total hip prosthesis
314579005Omnifit total hip prosthesis
314580008Sheehan total hip prosthesis
314581007Kinemax total knee prosthesis
314582000Austin Moore prosthesis - narrow stem
314583005Austin Moore prosthesis - standard stem
314584004Global humeral head prosthesis
314585003Interphalangeal toe joint prosthesis
314586002Metatarsophalangeal joint prosthesis
360019000Prosthetic bladder outlet collar
360039001Articulated bone prosthesis
360041000Implanted drug delivery system
360042007Vascular stent
360044008Intraluminal vascular device
360045009Interatrial baffle
360046005Arterial stent
360047001Jejunal prosthesis
360048006Colonic prosthesis
360049003Pancreatic duct prosthesis
360050003Bile duct prosthesis
360057000Biventricular assist device
360058005Intraventricular pump
360059002Vena cava valve prosthesis
360063009Prosthetic cardiac annuloplasty ring
360064003Ventricular assist device
360065002Right ventricular assist device
360066001Left ventricular assist device
360070009Laryngeal implant
360071008Epicardial pacemaker electrode
360072001Tubal prosthesis
360073006Tracheobronchial stent
360075004Internal electromagnetic bone stimulator
360081007Prosthetic ear bone anchor pin
360085003Bioelectrical limb prosthesis
360086002Kineplastic limb prosthesis
360090000Humeral head prosthesis
360093003Valve of cerebroventricular shunt
360097002Nasolacrimal duct tube
360100007Tracheal stent
360103009Intracochlear prosthesis
360104003Extracochlear prosthesis
360106001Prosthetic voice box
360109008Tracheoesophageal valve
360117000Gastric bubble
360119002Intrastromal corneal ring segment
360120008Molteno shunt
360121007ACTSEB-anterior chamber tube shunt to an encircling band
360123005Biliary stent
360125003Cardiac pacemaker electrode
360126002Pacemaker battery
360129009Cardiac pacemaker lead
360130004Patent ductus closure prosthesis
360131000Le Veen shunt
360134008Prostatic stent
360144005Endocardial pacemaker electrode
360145006Bone prosthesis
360162001Autograft cardiac valve
360169005External fixator pin
360181009Porcine cardiac valve
360225007Prosthetic chorda tendinae
360230006Septal defect prosthesis
360242001Hearing aid bone anchor
360282008Myoelectric arm
360329004Dacron graft
360837003Osseointegrated bone anchor
361022005Ileal tubal prosthesis
361140007Cardiac assist implant
361158001Artificial heart, device
370444003Toggle pin
370445002Toggle bar
370942006Phakic anterior chamber lens
370943001Glaucoma drainage device
370945008Intravitreal implant
371416006Skin expander, device
385523005External fixator using Ilizarov system
386014009Surgical staple
390783005Exeter total hip prosthesis
397558009Multifocal intraocular lens implant
397559001Phakic intraocular lens implant
410443005Valved ophthalmic drainage device
410444004Nonvalved ophthalmic drainage device
410445003Krupin tube shunt
410446002Ahmed tube shunt
410447006Baerveldt tube shunt
410448001Single plate Molteno tube
410449009Double plate Molteno tube
410693001Capsular ring
410694007Capsular tension ring
410695008Capsular tension segment
410696009Capsular edge ring
410697000Modified capsular tension ring
410698005Cionni modified capsular tension ring
410699002Aniridia implant
410700001Aniridia ring
410701002Partial aniridia ring
412023004Absorbable collagen sponge bone graft product
412024005Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein absorbable collagen sponge
413390007Accommodating intraocular lens implant
413479001Alloplastic corneal inlay
413485008Aluminum oxide orbital implant
413549005Anterior chamber phakic intraocular lens
413766009Carotid stent
413882000Collagen glaucoma drainage device
413883005Collagen punctal plug
413915005Coralline hydroxyapatite orbital implant
414431004Hydroxyapatite orbital implant
414520005Integrated orbital implant
414540003Iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens
414580007Laryngeal keel
414610009Light-adjustable intraocular lens implant
414682005Methylmethacrylate orbital implant
414877000Nonporous orbital implant
415139002Porous orbital implant
415140000Porous polyethylene orbital implant
415146006Posterior chamber phakic intraocular lens
415217009Punctal plug
415528007Silicone orbital implant
415529004Silicone punctal plug
415697002Synthetic hydroxyapatite orbital implant
415730006Toric intraocular lens implant
420132005Silicone tubing for nasolacrimal intubation
420248000Closed loop anterior chamber lens
421168009Eye sphere implant
421899008Open loop anterior chamber lens
422092000Presbyopia - correcting intraocular len implant
423449009Pulmonary valve prosthesis, device
423727002Microchip identification implant
424080004Temporary cardiac pacemaker, device
424921004Permanent cardiac pacemaker, device
427998006Left lower leg prosthesis, device
428400004Right leg prosthesis, device
428678002Left leg prosthesis, device
429282001Right lower leg prosthesis, device
429497001Right arm prosthesis, device
429522000Left arm prosthesis, device
429798007Artificial vertebral disc
440153006Custom nasal prosthesis
440154000Custom palatal lift prosthesis
440155004Gastric electrical stimulator component
440157007Gastric electrical stimulator
441248003Gastric electrical stimulator electrode
442464006Artificial fecal sphincter
443419000Dual chamber pulse generator, device
443507006Single chamber pulse generator, device
444449007Dual chamber pacing cardioverter defibrillator pulse generator, device
444698008Venous stent
444996009Bone bolt, device
446069005Artificial iris implant
446098009Hexapod circular external fixator
446133004Intravitreal implanted drug delivery system
446276007Heyer-Pudenz valve
448593004Foot joint prosthesis
449856006Healing abutment
462303005Ligament prosthesis, bioabsorbable
462319003Pulmonary artery shunt
462324000Artificial heart, permanent
462402001Antibody-coated coronary artery stent
462495009Ligament prosthesis, non-bioabsorbable
462550000Haemodialysis system, institutional/home-use
462614003Pectoral implant, non-sterile
462689004Non-constrained polyethene acetabular liner
462707008Hair filament prosthesis
462772001Nipple prosthesis, implantable
462787006Pectoral implant, sterile
462852004Infusion/injection port/catheter, implantable
462992003Anterior-chamber intraocular lens, phakic
463038007Ankle prosthesis bearing
463041003Haemodialysis system, institutional
463052009Interlaminal internal spinal fixation system
463053004Anterior-chamber intraocular lens, pseudophakic
463111002Infusion/injection port tack
463176003Haemorrhage control pin
463183005Polyethylene patella prosthesis
463205006Orthodontic anchor plate
463223003Orthodontic anchoring screw
463228007Orthopaedic implant calibration pin
463239005Posterior-stabilized total knee prosthesis
463246001Metallic acetabular liner
463272005Orthopaedic fixation implant alignment tool
463275007Metal-on-metal total hip prosthesis
463278009Organ anti-adhesion dressing
463298004Orthopaedic fixation plate bending insert, single-use
463312000Middle ear implantable mould
463330007Orthopaedic bone distractor
463358004Orthopaedic bone-fragment manipulator, single-use, sterile
463367004Nose prosthesis, implantable
463417005Press-fit shoulder humeral stem prosthesis
463436000Metacarpal prosthesis
463439007Press-fit hip femur prosthesis, modular
463443006Memory-alloy patella fixation grip
463488007Meniscus prosthesis
463493005Preformed complete denture
463559008Metallic femoral head prosthesis
463582005Polyethylene acetabulum prosthesis
463605004Posterior-chamber intraocular lens, phakic
463613003Metal-backed patella prosthesis
463626004Metal-on-polyethene total hip prosthesis
463669007Press-fit hip femur prosthesis, one-piece
463694008Polyethylene elbow ulna prosthesis
463761001Metallic metatarsophalangeal joint prosthesis
463848008Press-fit femoral stem prosthesis
463853003Mesh-sleeve coronary artery stent
463931004Orthopaedic bone tensioner
463965003Metal-backed elbow ulna prosthesis
463989005Posterior-chamber intraocular lens, pseudophakic
463996007Orthopaedic implant aiming/guiding block
464052002Bare-metal coronary artery stent
464063004Preformed dental crown
464144003Orthopaedic fixation plate bending insert, reusable
464186009Mitral/tricuspid annuloplasty ring
464207008Mobile-bearing total knee prosthesis
464211002Partial wrist prosthesis
464268000Vaginal stent, non-expandable
464329009Tibia nail, non-sterile
464376000Saline-filled breast implant
464383007Urethral prosthesis
464555009Mitral annuloplasty ring
464674007Sternal fixation system
465020007Vas deferens prosthesis
465042008Tibial insert
465044009Tibia nail, sterile
465049004Partial shoulder prosthesis
465069009Vaginal stent, expandable
465077008Ureterovesical valve prosthesis
465100008Mobile-bearing total ankle prosthesis
465152009Scaphotrapeziotrapezoidal interpositional spacer
465182003Skinfold calliper, electronic
465185001Revision uncoated hip femur prosthesis
465189007Transthoracic pacing lead
465249006Subperiosteal dental implant
465280001Reverse shoulder prosthesis head
465318004Trabeculated shoulder humeral stem prosthesis
465344004Trabeculated knee femur prosthesis
465380004Silicone gel-filled breast implant
465388006Surgical traction skull tongs
465425005Total wrist radius prosthesis
465429004Skinfold calliper, manual
465430009Silicone metatarsophalangeal joint prosthesis
465443009Trachea prosthesis
465460004Single-chamber implantable defibrillator
465474006Total wrist prosthesis spacer
465483001Total wrist prosthesis
465506009Revision coated hip femur prosthesis
465534002Total wrist carpus prosthesis
465564005Surgical staple, bioabsorbable
465651001Trabeculated knee tibia/insert prosthesis
465707002Transoesophageal pacing lead
465715004Transmandibular implant
465737006Revision coated femoral stem prosthesis
465752004Vertebral body cement-containing implant
465764007Subtalar implant, non-bioabsorbable
465774005Rib/rib cage internal fixation/bracing system fixation grip
465799006Rib/rib cage internal fixation/bracing system
465824002Auditory brainstem implant system electrode array assembly
465851004Trans-facet-screw internal spinal fixation system
465886002Shoulder glenoid fossa prosthesis
465895005Reverse shoulder prosthesis base plate
465913003Skin staple
465940003Transgingival implant
465954006Resurfacing hip prosthesis
465967009Traction system skull tongs
465969007Shoulder prosthesis screw
465970008Revision uncoated femoral stem prosthesis
465991000Sleeve femoral extension
466013007Rib/rib cage internal fixation/bracing system bracing bar
466034000Rib/rib cage internal fixation/bracing system fixation grip/anchor
466048000Auditory brainstem implant system sound processor
466096000Screw endosteal dental implant, one-piece
466135002Surgical intravascular shunt
466149006Screw endosteal dental implant, two-piece
466198002Uncoated elbow humerus prosthesis
466201007Spinal trial implant
466224000Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, modular
466233003Temporary hip prosthesis
466234009Zygoma prosthesis
466247004Sacculotomy tack
466314005Root canal post, custom-made
466327009Rotating hinged total knee prosthesis
466332005Root canal post kit
466374000Unicondylar knee insert
466401005Unicondylar knee interpositional spacer
466500009Uncoated ankle talus prosthesis
466545008Uncoated knee femur prosthesis
466602008Ulna nail, sterile
466606006Uncoated hip femur prosthesis, modular
466657005Body femoral extension
466666009Uncoated unicondylar knee tibia prosthesis, polyethene
466724004Uncoated shoulder humeral stem prosthesis
466735009Spinal fusion sphere
466754009Blade endosteal dental implant, one-piece
466756006Blade endosteal dental implant, two-piece
466762001Uncoated hip femur prosthesis, one-piece
466765004Uncoated ankle tibia prosthesis
466805007Uncoated knee tibia prosthesis, polyethene
466811005Uncoated unicondylar knee femur prosthesis
466864009Basket endosteal dental implant, two-piece
466873001Unicondylar knee prosthesis
466936000Bicompartmental knee prosthesis
466955000Basket endosteal dental implant, one-piece
467014007Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, one-piece
467026002Wrist ulna-head prosthesis
467043004Root canal post, preformed
467092005Wire clip
467114009Bipolar partial shoulder prosthesis
467119004Uncoated knee tibia/insert prosthesis
467147000Uncoated unicondylar knee tibia prosthesis, metallic
467149002Temporomandibular joint disc
467150002Ulna nail, non-sterile
467162003Uncoated knee tibia prosthesis, metallic
467200000Cranioplasty plate, alterable
467226005Ceramic acetabular liner
467246000Craniofacial bone distractor
467317005Coated unicondylar knee tibia prosthesis
467336000Acetabulum prosthesis apical hole plug
467357008Carpal scaphoid prosthesis
467373002Bone-screw internal spinal fixation system
467423004Carotid artery shunt
467432002Cranial bur hole cover
467434001Craniofacial alignment rod
467488006Cranioplasty plate, non-alterable
467553008Cardiac myoplasty electrical stimulation system lead
467588008Cranioplasty plate screw
467600008Cochlear implant system electrode array assembly
467694007Coated shoulder humeral stem prosthesis
467716004Coated ankle talus prosthesis
467719006Coated knee tibia/insert prosthesis
467752000Craniofacial bone wire/bar
467769003Constrained polyethene acetabular liner
467789002Ceramic-on-polyethene total hip prosthesis
467790006Cervical spine immobilization head ring
467812005Craniofacial calliper
467815007Carpal lunate prosthesis
467847002Ceramic-on-metal total hip prosthesis
467871009Cardiac contractility modulation system pulse generator
467885004Coated knee femur prosthesis
467928004Coated hip femur prosthesis, modular
467947001Cardiac occluder
467971008Chin prosthesis
467984004Cruciate-retaining total knee prosthesis
467987006Ceramic femoral head prosthesis
467990000Coated ankle tibia prosthesis
467996006Coated unicondylar knee femur prosthesis
468020006Cervical spine immobilization head ring pin
468031003Cranial bone flap fixation clamp
468047001Carpal trapezium prosthesis
468063009Coated femoral stem prosthesis, modular
468070009Cervical total disc replacement prosthesis
468090000Acetabular shell
468102004Ceramic-on-ceramic total hip prosthesis
468129009Bonded dental bridge
468156006Coated elbow humerus prosthesis
468180005Coated knee tibia prosthesis
468240009Dental crown, metal
468249005Duodenal-jejunal bypass liner
468254001Dental crown, ceramic
468261002Dental bridge, metal-polymer
468280000Dental retention pin
468310005Denture clasp, metal, custom-made
468312002Drug-eluting contraceptive implant
468363002Denture reliner, hard
468373000Dental crown, polymer
468419005Denture reliner, soft, over-the-counter
468422007Dental retention pin kit
468461004Endoprosthetic portosystemic shunt
468536004Endocardial pacing lead
468542000Dual-chamber implantable defibrillator
468543005Electrocardiogram calliper
468566006Denture clasp, polymer, preformed
468581000Denture reliner, elastic, short-term
468663005Denture clasp, metal, preformed
468674001Drug-eluting renal artery stent
468720003Epicardial pacing lead
468778007Dental crown, metal/ceramic
468782009Dental bridge, ceramic
468784005Dental implant suprastructure, temporary, single-use
468785006Dental implant prosthetic teeth bar
468793006Duodenal stent
468815005Denture reliner, soft
468927007Dental implant suprastructure, temporary, reusable
468936006Dental implant suprastructure, permanent
468984002Denture reliner, elastic, long-term
468987009Drug-eluting carotid artery stent
468989007Duodenal bypass liner
469033005Elbow radius prosthesis
469040006Endobronchial valve
469044002Dental crown, metal/polymer
469108005Dental bridge, metal-ceramic
469111006Dental bridge, polymer
469161002Drug-eluting femoral artery stent
469166007Endolymphatic shunt
469192000External spinal fixation system
469208000Flieringa ophthalmic ring
469222000Humeral head bipolar component
469227006Humeral centering sleeve
469245006Lumbar interspinous decompression spacer
469326004Facial prosthesis
469332009Facial mandibular prosthesis
469335006Fixed-bearing total ankle prosthesis
469337003Fallopian tube prosthesis, synthetic
469355007Intraocular telescope
469378001Femur nail, non-sterile
469446005Femur nail, sterile
469486002Lumbar total disc replacement prosthesis
469510004Eye valve
469607001Intervertebral-body internal spinal fixation system
469615003Internal spinal fixation system cable
469624007Intramucosal dental implant
469644001Humerus nail, sterile
469661003Iridocapsular-fixation intraocular lens
469816004Fallopian tube prosthesis, natural
469832001Iris-fixation intraocular lens
469963003Intra-facet-screw internal spinal fixation system
469980004Eye muscle sleeve
469997005Maxillofacial prosthesis
469999008Femoral head bipolar component
470008003Humerus nail, non-sterile
470035007Flexible bone nail, sterile
470112006External pacemaker, noninvasive
470150000External pacemaker, invasive
470210007Knee wedge
470237009Hip internal fixation system
470272007Implantable lesion localization marker
470275009Hinged total elbow prosthesis
470325005General-purpose calliper, metallic
470418002Knee stem
470447009Aortic annuloplasty ring
470591006Knee arthrodesis prosthesis
470676004Anal sphincter prosthesis
470682001General-purpose calliper, plastic
470695006Iliofemoral vein stent
698003007Bare metal stent (BMS)
700515002Bioabsorbable drug-eluting coronary artery stent
700516001Drug-eluting coronary artery stent, non-bioabsorbable-polymer-coated
700517005Drug-eluting coronary artery stent, carbon-coated
700587002Cardiovascular patch, animal-derived
700589004Bare-metal intracranial vascular stent
700590008Silicone-carbide-coated intracranial vascular stent
700607005Stem-fixed humeral head prosthesis
700608000Resurfacing humeral head prosthesis
700609008Humeral head trial prosthesis, single-use
700617000Iliac artery stent, bare-metal
700670006Arthrodesis nail, sterile
700680005Proximal interphalangeal joint prosthesis, one-piece
700685000Rigid penile prosthesis
700743008Bioabsorbable esophageal stent
700771002Multiple peripheral artery stent, bioabsorbable
700772009Multiple peripheral artery stent, bare-metal
700775006Membrane fixation tack, non-bioabsorbable
700784006Orthopedic bender, manual
700785007Orthopedic bone pin, bioabsorbable
700786008Orthopedic bone pin, non-bioabsorbable
700787004Orthopedic bone screw, bioabsorbable
700788009Orthopedic bone screw, non-bioabsorbable, non-sterile
700789001Orthopedic bone screw, non-bioabsorbable, sterile
700799006Orthopedic fixation plate kit, bioabsorbable
700800005Orthopedic fixation plate kit, non-bioabsorbable
700801009Orthopedic fixation plate, bioabsorbable
700802002Orthopedic fixation plate, non-bioabsorbable
700811002Partially-implantable middle ear implant system
700812009Partially-implantable middle ear implant system sound processor
700813004Partially-implantable middle ear implant system vibrator assembly
700817003Implantable pulse generator mesh bag, non-bioabsorbable
700842007Bare-metal ureteral stent
700843002Polymeric ureteral stent
700844008Removable urethral stent, polymeric
700870009Subtalar implant, bioabsorbable
700871008Bare-metal renal artery stent
700883005Internal orthopedic fixation system, plate/screw, bioabsorbable
700889009Surgical staple, non-bioabsorbable
700892008Total reverse shoulder prosthesis
700893003Polyethylene reverse shoulder prosthesis cup
700904000Tympanic membrane prosthesis
700908002Flexor tendon prosthesis
700917002Spinal bone screw, bioabsorbable
700918007Spinal bone screw, non-bioabsorbable
700920005Spinal fixation plate, bioabsorbable
700921009Spinal fixation plate, non-bioabsorbable
700928003General internal orthopedic fixation system implantation kit
700986001Heart ventricle prosthesis
700987005Cardiovascular patch, synthetic
700988000Bare-metal carotid artery stent
700989008Carpometacarpal interpositional spacer, bioabsorbable
700990004Carpometacarpal interpositional spacer, non-bioabsorbable
700996005Cervical spine immobilization system, reusable
701000004Bare-metal colonic stent
701004008Craniofacial bone screw, bioabsorbable
701005009Craniofacial bone screw, non-bioabsorbable
701006005Craniofacial bone tack, bioabsorbable
701007001Craniofacial bone tack, non-bioabsorbable
701008006Craniofacial fixation plate kit, bioabsorbable
701009003Craniofacial fixation plate kit, non-bioabsorbable
701010008Craniofacial fixation plate, bioabsorbable
701011007Craniofacial fixation plate, non-bioabsorbable
701030007General external orthopedic fixation system implantation kit
701041009External orthopedic fixation system, reusable
701066008Growth-correction orthopedic fixation plate kit
701132002Polymer orthopedic cement restrictor, bioabsorbable
701136004External orthopedic fixation system, single-use, non-sterile
701145003Metallic orthopedic cement restrictor
701166006Memory-alloy orthopedic fixation plate
701176009Polymer orthopedic cement restrictor, non-bioabsorbable, non-sterile
701203008Internal orthopedic fixation system, plate/screw, non-bioabsorbable
701217004Polymer orthopedic cement restrictor, non-bioabsorbable, sterile
701232006Internal orthopedic fixation system, cerclage wire/cable
701312007Gastro-esophageal antireflux prosthesis
701319003External orthopedic fixation system, single-use, sterile
701320009Orthopedic knee-balance analyzer
701344006Hybrid/coated pancreatic stent
701345007Laryngeal stent
701346008Removable urethral stent, hybrid/coated
701347004Bare-metal pancreatic stent
701348009Polymeric pancreatic stent, non-bioabsorbable
701349001Laryngeal fistula prosthesis
701350001Permanent urethral stent, bare-metal
701352009Permanent urethral stent, polymeric
701365000Bare-metal aortic stent
701368003Hybrid/coated esophageal stent
701372004Caged-ball heart valve prosthesis
701373009Polymeric bronchial stent
701376001Hybrid/coated biliary stent
701379008Bare-metal esophageal stent
701381005Hybrid/coated aortic stent
701383008Bare-metal bronchial stent
701390003Hybrid/coated bronchial stent
701397000Polymeric esophageal stent
701398005Bare-metal biliary stent
701403006Tilting-disk heart valve prosthesis
701406003Polymeric biliary stent
701421009Spinal dynamic-stabilization system
701453000Femoral head trial prosthesis
701454006Acetabulum trial prosthesis
701455007Femoral stem trial prosthesis
701483009Direct acoustic cochlear implant system electronic assembly
701511004Patella trial prosthesis
701512006Knee femur trial prosthesis
701513001Knee tibia trial prosthesis
701523005Sacroiliac joint intra-articular arthrodesis implant
701540001Elbow humerus trial prosthesis
701541002Elbow ulna trial prosthesis
701548008Antibody-coated coronary artery stent, drug-eluting
701553003Drug-eluting coronary artery stent, bioabsorbable-polymer-coated
701565004Humeral head trial prosthesis, reusable
701574002Fetal pleuro-amniotic catheter
701580005Sacroiliac joint transarticular fixation/arthrodesis implant
701590002Bioabsorbable bronchial stent, custom-made
701604007Bioabsorbable tracheal stent, custom-made
701608005Bioabsorbable biliary stent, custom-made
701609002Bioabsorbable colonic stent, custom-made
701610007Bioabsorbable vaginal stent, custom-made
701641008Femoral artery compression plug, synthetic polymer
701652002Prostatic retraction implant
701667003Cranial bone prosthesis, custom-made
701699009Humeral metaphyseal anchor
701700005Metaphyseal anchor-fixed humeral head prosthesis
701701009Pin-sleeve orthopaedic bone screw
701709006Drug-eluting infrapopliteal artery stent
701726000Knee arthroplasty force sensor
701729007Fully-implantable middle ear implant system
701730002Partial-resurfacing knee femur prosthesis
701751004Lip prosthesis
701752006Pleuroperitoneal shunt
701761006Tissue expander injection port
701792008Coronary venous system mitral annuloplasty wire brace
701832000Remotely-controlled tissue expander
701855002Femoral head/stem prosthesis adaptor
701897008Aortic bi-leaflet heart valve prosthesis
701898003Mitral bi-leaflet heart valve prosthesis
701977004Cervical spine immobilization system, single-use
701981004Implantable infusion pump mesh bag
701982006Implantable knee unloader
702018003Arthrodesis nail, non-sterile
702027002Stoma support ring
702055003Proximal interphalangeal joint prosthesis, modular
702064008Sleep apnoea tongue implant
702065009Sleep apnoea palate implant
702073000Polymeric pancreatic stent, bioabsorbable
702098004Reverse shoulder prosthesis body
702099007Shoulder humeral body prosthesis
702100004Ceramic reverse shoulder prosthesis cup
702101000Metallic reverse shoulder prosthesis cup
702102007Combination-material acetabulum prosthesis
702103002Metallic acetabulum prosthesis
702104008Ceramic acetabulum prosthesis
702105009Resurfacing shoulder humeral stem prosthesis
702131006Transfemoral prosthesis intrafemoral implant
702171001Femoral artery compression plug, collagen
702190009Spinal rod bending system
702191008Orthopedic bender, electric
702207006Penile prosthesis extender
702215009Intracardiac pacemaker
702218006Facet joint prosthesis
702220009Heart ventricle partitioning implant
703201004Tricuspid valve prosthesis, device
703859001Non-vascular stent
704707009Cardiac resynchronization therapy implantable defibrillator
704708004Cardiac resynchronization therapy implantable pacemaker
704721006Dual-chamber implantable pacemaker, demand
704722004Dual-chamber implantable pacemaker, rate-responsive
704725002Endocardial defibrillation lead
704748007Non-neurovascular embolization implant, non-bioabsorbable
704768001Single-chamber implantable pacemaker, fixed-rate/demand
704769009Single-chamber implantable pacemaker, rate-responsive
704777008Transesophageal external pacemaker
704803004Heart ventricle reconfiguration implant, extraventricular
704808008Larynx prosthesis
704809000Larynx prosthesis cap
704810005Larynx prosthesis valve
704826006Non-neurovascular embolization plug
704835004Coronary venous pacing lead
704855003Reverse shoulder head trial prosthesis
704856002Shoulder glenoid fossa trial prosthesis
704857006Humeral body extension prosthesis
704858001Humeral body extension trial prosthesis
704859009Humeral body trial prosthesis
704860004Humeral stem trial prosthesis
704861000Reverse shoulder cup trial prosthesis
704863002Neurovascular embolization plug
704864008Neurovascular embolization coil
704865009Non-neurovascular embolization coil
704892003Humeral head spacer
704893008Humeral head spacer trial prosthesis
704894002Shoulder reverse/standard adaptor prosthesis
704895001Shoulder reverse/standard adaptor trial prosthesis
704896000Humeral stem extension prosthesis
704897009Humeral stem extension trial prosthesis
704898004Humeral stem extension locking ring
704912003Carpometacarpal interpositional spacer trial prosthesis
704955004Ventriculo-peritoneal/atrial shunt
704958002Implantable pulse generator mesh bag, bioabsorbable
705307001Middle ear implant system
361083003Normal anatomy (body structure)
341000119102Tattoo of skin
38033009Amputation stump (body structure)
13136005Injection site (morphologic abnormality)
43526002Operative site (morphologic abnormality)


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