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SHR RespiratoryRateQualifierVS ValueSet

SHR RespiratoryRateQualifierVS ValueSet

Details of a respiratory rate measurement.

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Name:SHR RespiratoryRateQualifierVS ValueSet

Details of a respiratory rate measurement.

Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
Source ResourceXML / JSON / Turtle
Downloads: XML, JSON, Turtle


This value set contains 14 concepts

Expansion based on version 0.0.1

All codes from system

restresting or pre-exerciseresting or pre-exercise
post_exercisepost exercisepost exercise
max_voluntarymaximum voluntary ventilationmaximum voluntary ventilation
post_bronchoscopypost bronchoscopypost bronchoscopy
post_cardioversionpost cardioversionpost cardioversion
post_sedationpost conscious sedationpost conscious sedation
post_therapypost inhalation therapypost inhalation therapy
pre_bronchoscopypre bronchoscopypre bronchoscopy
pre_cardioversionpre cardioversionpre cardioversion
pre_sedationpre conscious sedationpre conscious sedation
pre_therapypre inhalation therapypre inhalation therapy
vent_sponton ventilator, spontaneouson ventilator, spontaneous
venton ventilator, mechanical and spontaneouson ventilator, mechanical and spontaneous
vent_mechon ventilator, mechanicalon ventilator, mechanical


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