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SHR SupportSurfaceVS ValueSet

SHR SupportSurfaceVS ValueSet

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Name:SHR SupportSurfaceVS ValueSet
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
Source ResourceXML / JSON / Turtle
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This value set contains 54 concepts

All codes from system

17404008Cardiac compression board, device
182588009Spinal frame
182592002High air loss bed
183146002ZF - Zimmer frame
183150009Standing frame
183249004Wheelchair seating
183250004Molded wheelchair seat
183251000Matrix seat
257298002Levant frame
257299005Braun frame
260948005Traction balancing system
266731002Walking frame
272197008Augmentation wedges
404929008Delta walking frame
404930003Gutter walking frame
404946006Wheeled walking frame
423131002Bed frame
445467007Three wheeled walking frame
462722003Patient lifting system stretcher
462863001Hospital stretcher, manual
462987000Patient/medical device walker
463006002Hospital stretcher, powered
463093001Patient/medical device walker, home-use
463424006Bariatric walker, foldable
463574005Radiographic stretcher
463688000Orthopaedic stretcher
463889006Bariatric walking frame, non-foldable
463897004Bariatric walking frame, foldable
463966002Bariatric walker, non-foldable
463975000Portable stretcher
465355004Single-side-support walking frame
465682002Traction frame
465804001Assistive wheeled stretcher
466317003Basic walker, foldable
466351004Walking chair, foldable
466382000Basic walking frame, non-foldable
466464004Basic walker, non-foldable
466484000Bathing stretcher
466986006Walking table
467068002Basic walking frame, foldable
467155007Walking chair, non-foldable
467221000Cervical spine immobilization frame
700597006Ambulance stretcher, manual
700838009Parapodium walking frame
701644000Gait rehabilitation system static weight support
702080003Ambulance stretcher, electrohydraulic
702081004Ambulance stretcher loader
702082006Ambulance stretcher docking device
705404007Walker/Walking frame


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