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SHR ReceptorVS ValueSet

SHR ReceptorVS ValueSet

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Name:SHR ReceptorVS ValueSet
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
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This value set contains 83 concepts

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1334009Estradiol receptor
2414006Prolactin receptor
3648007Glucocorticoid receptor
8817004LH receptor site
9270008Catecholamine receptor
13727000HIV receptor
16296006Prostaglandin receptor
16803002Thyrotropin receptor
17223004Insulin receptor
20685001Acetylcholine receptor
22322004Steroid receptor
22723006GABA-benzodiazepine receptor
22967004Drug receptor
23307004OR - Estrogen receptor
23563004Very late antigen receptor
23599009Allosteric site
26012000Cholecystokinin receptor
26024007Pituitary hormone receptor
26569005Gonadotrophin receptor
27130004Mac-1 leukocyte adhesive protein
27347005Lymphocyte antigen CD4 receptor
30774001Mitogen receptor
32103009Thyroid hormone receptor
32180005Nicotinic receptor
35457003Narcotic agent receptor
36385006Synaptic receptor
37162006Polypeptide receptor
37484001Dopamine receptor
37889004Gonadoliberin receptor
37932004LDL receptor
39989006Serotonin receptor
42938005alpha-Adrenergic receptor
43095004Lymphocyte antigen CD35
44924004Endorphin receptor
45003004Virus receptor
45585002beta-1 Adrenergic receptor
45648004Angiotensin receptor
45878005Immunologic receptor
49214000Concanavalin receptor
51770008Cyclic AMP receptor
52282002Histamine receptor
53382005B-cell antigen receptor
54416006von Willebrand receptor
55201001Amine receptor
55522006Receptor for immunoglobulin fragment Fc
59208001Adrenergic receptor
59822009Histamine H2 receptor
60430006FSH receptor
61078009PR - Progesterone receptor
62569009Transferrin receptor
65407002Androgen receptor
66566004Gastrointestinal hormone receptor
70963006Antigen receptor
72984007Muscarinic receptor
73537006Purinergic receptor
75092009Histamine H1 receptor
77438003C1q complement receptor
77812005C3a complement receptor
79697007Leukocyte-adhesion receptor
81926004T-cell antigen receptor
82183006Cytoadhesin receptor
83621004Complement receptor 5
85205004beta-Adrenergic receptor
86960007Epidermal growth factor-urogastrone receptor
89189009Neurohumoral receptor
89745003Somatotropin receptor
90971001beta-2 Adrenergic receptor
103066005Aldosterone receptor site
103146004Lymphocyte antigen CD88
103201007Complement iC3b receptor
106196006Complement receptor
112119008Interleukin-2 receptor
112120002Lymphocyte antigen receptor
117288005Interleukin 2 receptor, soluble
124878009Glucagon receptor site
124879001Adrenocorticotropic hormone receptor site
259378000Lysosomal cystine transport protein
259405004Lysosomal transport protein
259623000Low density lipoprotein high affinity cell surface receptor
428222009Interleukin-7 receptor
709140006CAR - Chimeric antigen receptor
715883000Transferrin receptor, soluble


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