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SHR NeoplasmObservationMethodVS ValueSet

SHR NeoplasmObservationMethodVS ValueSet

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Name:SHR NeoplasmObservationMethodVS ValueSet
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
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128004Hand microscope examination of skin
135007Arthrotomy of wrist joint with exploration and biopsy
153001Cystourethroscopy with resection of ureterocele
170009Special potency disk identification, vancomycin test
197002Mold to yeast conversion test
306005US kidneys
334003Panorex examination of mandible
352003Reagent RBC, preparation antibody sensitized pool
353008IV/irrigation monitoring
389000Tobramycin level
435001Pulmonary inhalation study
468008Glutathione measurement
489004Ferritin level
493005Urobilinogen measurement, 48-hour, feces
540006Antibody to single and double stranded DNA measurement
574005Benzodiazepine measurement
628003Steinman test
642006Cerebral thermography
673005Indirect examination of larynx
674004Abduction test
687005Albumin/Globulin ratio
697001Hepatitis A virus antibody measurement
759005Intracerebral electroencephalogram
762008Computerized axial tomography of cervical spine with contrast
767002White blood cell count - observation
814007Electrophoresis measurement
831000Drawer test
853003Fecal fat measurement, 72-hour collection
870006Carbamazepine measurement
879007Special blood coagulation test, explain by report
893000Tumor antigen measurement
910002MHPG measurement, urine
941001Endoscopy of pituitary gland
951000Ultrasonic guidance for endomyocardial biopsy
969009Incision and exploration of larynx
1035002Minimum bactericidal concentration test, microdilution method
1043007Doppler color flow velocity mapping
1044001Diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneum
1225002Upper arm X-ray
1292009MRI of bladder
1324000Cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin G ratio and immunoglobulin G index
1358008Anti-human globulin test, enzyme technique, titer
1385001Echography, scan B-mode for foetal age determination
1399002Incision and exploration of ureter
1414009Angiography of arteriovenous shunt
1494008Osmolarity measurement
1550000Amikacin level
1559004Interleukin (IL)-2 assay
1597004Skeletal X-ray of ankle and foot
1616001Galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase measurement, leukocytes
1640009History and physical examination, insurance
1677001Haagensen test
1712009Immunoglobulin typing, immunoglobulin G
1757000Arthroscopy of wrist with partial synovectomy
1759002Assessment of nutritional status
1784004Fecal stercobilin, qualitative
1787006Ultrasonic guidance for pericardiocentesis
1820004Ethanol measurement, breath
1879000Fluorescent antigen measurement
2054004Barbiturates measurement, quantitative and qualitative
2196003Gas liquid chromatography, electron capture type
2214008Curette test of skin
2220009Complement component assay
2225004Sensititer system test
2244006Arthroscopy of wrist with internal fixation for instability
2266004Venography of adrenal, bilateral
2276001Exploration of popliteal artery
2278000Urinalysis, automated
2279008Antibody detection, red blood cell, enzyme, 1 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
2290003Microbial culture, anaerobic, initial isolation
2347001Diagnostic model construction
2373006Buffy coat smear evaluation
2408004Hexosaminidase A and total hexosaminidase measurement, serum
2425002Epstein-Barr virus serologic test
2448007Cell count of synovial fluid with differential count
2461007Tennis elbow test
25070075' Nucleotidase measurement
2508002Retrograde urography with kidney-ureter-bladder
2531002Mononuclear cell function assay
2629003Intracranial/cerebral perfusion pressure monitoring
2646000Incision and exploration of vas deferens
2690005MRI of pelvis
2693007Stool fat, quantitative measurement
2696004Hepatic venography with hemodynamic evaluation
2722000Interleukin-3 assay
2731000Serologic test for influenza virus A
2737001Exploratory craniotomy, infratentorial
2743004Operative endoscopy of ileum
2811005Cineradiography of pharynx
2842000Gas chromatography measurement
2847006Cervical myelography
2885009Intradermal allergen test
2891006Arthroscopy of elbow with partial synovectomy
2898000Deoxyribonucleic acid analysis, antenatal, blood
2947007Therapeutic compound measurement
3025001Calcitonin measurement
3047001Kowa fundus photography
3063009Gastroscopy through artificial stoma
3116009Clotting screening
3130004Monitoring of cardiac output by electrocardiogram
3143004Visual field examination and evaluation, intermediate
3162001Gadolinium measurement
3256004Cervical lymphangiogram
3257008Empty and measure peritoneal dialysis fluid
3258003Cerebral arteriography
3352000PTH - Parathyroid hormone level
3357006Iron kinetics
3413006Blood cell morphology
3450007Lymphocytes, T & B cell evaluation
3512003Angiography of arteries of extremity
3527003Antibody measurement
3620007Red cell survival study with hepatic sequestration
3683006Selenium measurement, urine
3717006Dilute Russell viper venom time
3735002Coproporphyrin III measurement
3770000Ward urine dip stick testing
3784005Delayed hypersensitivity skin test for streptokinase-streptodornase
3787003Ultrasonic guidance for needle biopsy
3794000Pregnanetriol measurement
3799005Radiography of adenoids
3858009Echography of thyroid, A-mode
3862003Total vital capacity measurement
3926003Lactate measurement
3955006Antibody elution from red blood cells
3967008Fluorescence polarization immunoassay
3971006Duchenne muscular dystrophy carrier detection
3991004MRI of pelvis, prostate and bladder
3998005Bone imaging of limited area
4007002Anti-human globulin test, indirect, titer, non-gamma
4008007Phlebography of neck
4036002Arthroscopy of elbow with extensive debridement
4165006Delayed hypersensitivity skin test for staphage lysate
4192000Toxicology testing for organophosphate insecticide
4321009Bilateral leg arteriogram
4337003Homogentisic acid measurement
4436008Methylatable chemotaxis protein (MCP) receptor measurement
4438009Venography of vena cava
4447001Autopsy, gross and microscopic examination, stillborn or newborn without central nervous system
4466001Exploration of upper limb artery
4475004Cyanide level
4487006Norepinephrine measurement, supine
4525004Seen by casualty - service
4594007Coproporphyrin isomers, series I & III, urine
4625008Apical pulse taking
4691008Identification of rotavirus antigen in feces
4701005Colony forming unit-granulocyte-monocyte-erythroid-megakaryocyte assay
4713000Endoscopy and photography
4727005Lipoprotein electrophoresis
4737000Mycobacteria culture
4804005Microbial identification test
4815000Antibody identification, red blood cell antibody panel, enzyme, 2 stage technique including anti-human globulin
4902005Ethchlorvynol measurement
4903000Serum protein electrophoresis
4993009Ischemic limb exercise with electromyography and lactic acid determination
5019003Direct laryngoscopy with biopsy
5021008Aldosterone measurement, standing, normal salt diet
5022001Lysergic acid diethylamide measurement
5025004Semen analysis, presence and motility of sperm
5055006Uniscept system test
5091004Peripheral vascular disease study
5105000Endoscopy of renal pelvis
5110001Ultrasound peripheral imaging, real time scan
5113004FT4 - Free thyroxine level
5131003Radiography of chest wall
5190000Cell fusion
5216004Three dimensional ultrasound imaging of heart
5264008Total bile acids measurement
5338000Nicotine measurement
5393006Exploration of parathyroid with mediastinal exploration by sternal split approach
5422005Amylase measurement, peritoneal fluid
5433008Skeletal X-ray of lower limb
5457008Serologic test for Rickettsia conorii
5479003Select picture audiometry
5482008Serologic test for Blastomyces
5506006Incision and exploration of abdominal wall
5551006Direct laryngoscopy with arytenoidectomy with operating microscope
5570001Arthrotomy for infection with exploration and drainage of carpometacarpal joint
5586008Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase measurement
5608002Excretion measurement
5638008Carbohydrate measurement
5651003Arylsulfatase A measurement
5669007Portable electroencephalogram awake and asleep with stimulation
5731009Hemosiderin, quantitative measurement
5733007Fluorescent identification of anti-nuclear antibody
5785009Forensic autopsy
5818005Flocculation test
5823005Diagnostic radiography, left
5846007Diagnostic radiography of toes
5857002Complement mediated cytotoxicity assay
5880005Clinical examination
5894006Methyl red test
5902003History and physical examination, complete
5986003Non-sensitized spontaneous sheep erythrocyte binding, E-rosette
5995006Gas liquid chromatography, flame photometric type
6007000Magnetic resonance imaging of chest
6019008Endoscopy of large intestine
6063004Kanamycin measurement
6126006Fitzgerald factor assay
6127002Diagnostic radiography of abdomen, oblique standard
6133006Lymphokine assay
6157006Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with biopsy
6159009Galactose measurement
6177004Southern blot assay
6205000Fluorescent antigen, titer
6225001Antibody detection, RBC, enzyme, 2 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
6238009Diagnostic radiography of sacroiliac joints
6271008Echography, immersion B-scan
6289009White blood cell histogram evaluation
6309008Fecal fat differential, quantitative
6319002Beta lactamase, chromogenic cephalosporin susceptibility test
6339003Conditioning play audiometry
6353003Mitsuda reaction to lepromin
6354009Sedimentation rate, Westergren
6385000Exploration of disc space
6396008Galactokinase measurement
6434009Seminal fluid detection
6438007Exploration of ciliary body
6480006Urinary bladder residual urine study
6491004Protein S, free assay
6556005Reticulin antibody measurement
6589005Antibody titration, high protein
6614002Antibody to single stranded DNA measurement
6615001Electroretinography with medical evaluation
6650009Radionuclide lacrimal flow study
6656003Acoustic stimulation test
6668007Fibrinogen assay, quantitative
6689003Immunodiffusion, qualitative
6690007Sulfonamide measurement
6728003Radiologic examination of complete spine, anteroposterior and lateral
6745008Indirect laryngoscopy with removal of foreign body
6748005Electron microscopy technique, glass knife making
6782004Methylene blue plating test
6880001C3e receptor measurement
6943008Aldosterone measurement, normal salt diet, urine
6986008Precipitin test for blood group, species identification
7103008Trypsin, duodenal fluid
7164004Toxoplasmosis dye test
7174001Ultrasound peripheral imaging, B-scan
7239006Proctosigmoidoscopy for dilation
7256003Counter-current immunoelectrophoresis
7288006Febrile agglutinins, qualitative
7301001Haptoglobin measurement, chemical
7370001Diagnostic radiography, serial films
7375006Bronchoscopy through tracheostomy with biopsy of bronchus
7421004Bone marrow imaging, limited area
7510005Color vision examination
7541006Exploration of testis
7546001History and physical examination, follow-up for neoplastic disease
7557006Vitamin E measurement
7562007Radioisotope study of endocrine system
7576008Spinal angiography, selective
7606004Methemoglobin measurement, qualitative
7656009Isotope study for renal plasma flow
7677007Consonant differential pressure test
7740009Fructosamine measurement
7750005Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy with biopsy
7786006VDRL - Venereal diseases research laboratory test
7812007Radiologic examination of thoracolumbar spine, anteroposterior and lateral
7837002Mercury measurement, hair
7839004Incision and exploration of male perineum
7887009Palmitate measurement
7918005Ward glucometer test
7932007Clonazepam measurement
7962001Ethosuximide measurement
7992005DNA binding autoantibody level
7993000Bone marrow imaging, whole body
7995007Angiography of lower extremity arteries with serialography
8073008Ultrasonic guidance for aspiration of ova
8138008Antithrombin III assay, functional
8151003Echocardiography for detecting cardiac output
8180007Fiberoptic colonoscopy through colostomy
8196005Clotting factor VII assay
8243008Measurement of interstitial fluid pressure
8244002Alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes measurement
8246000Electroencephalogram during carotid surgery
8294001Rhogam crossmatch
8306009Ultrasonic Doppler
8321003Erichsen's test
8358003Diagnostic radiography, bilateral
8364005Phosphorus measurement
8404006Chemotaxis assay
8424005Alpha-fucosidase measurement, leukocytes
8446002Quantitative immunologic identification of antigen or antibody
8449009Radiography of sacrococcygeal spine
8463003Microbial identification kit, API 20A method
8478005Gastric fluid analysis, pH titration
8503002Diagnostic radiography with contrast media, bilateral
8541009Germanium measurement
8574009Platelet estimate
8606002Transillumination of nasal sinuses
86110002,3-diphosphoglycerate measurement, erythrocytes
8642005Beryllium measurement
8655006Lead measurement, quantitative, blood
8693001Radionuclide identification of eye tumor
8698005Parathyroid hormone (PTH) immunochemiluminescent measurement
8706007Arginine tolerance test
8777004Incision and exploration of large intestine
8848007Cystourethroscopy with ureteral catheterization and brush biopsy
8874001Arthroscopy of knee with medial and lateral meniscectomy
8879006Creatinine measurement, 24 hour urine
8890001Heavy metal screen on urine
8959002Mass spectrometry measurement
8992008Bacterial serologic study
8994009Radioiron oral absorption study
9002005Manual testing of muscle function
9011005Haptoglobin measurement, electrophoresis
9087001Exploration of cranial nerve
9104009Exploration of soft tissue
9106006Intraoperative cardiac pacing and mapping
9173004Heavy metal screen on gastric fluid
9213003Gastric fluid analysis, free acid measurement
9232009FTA(Abs) - Fluorescent treponemal antibody test
9330003Penicillin measurement
9336009Chemical test, qualitative and quantitative
9381008Antibody identification, RBC, saline and AHG
9403009Diagnostic radiography, minifilm
9456006Blood venous pH level
9474002Endoscopy and calibration
9486004Quantitative microbial culture, filter paper method
9517003Mirror examination
9518008Fistulogram of abdominal wall
9525001Shoulder depression test
9564003Complete blood count with white cell differential, automated
9606007Growth on MacConkey agar without crystal violet test
9616004Tetracaine measurement
9698004Transfer of culture to holding media
9704004Computerized tomography, limited studies
9718006Polymerase chain reaction analysis
9759000Lysozyme resistance test
9777005Urine bile pigment level
9833008Ward specific gravity test
9897006Receptor binding site activity
9915003Clotting factor X assay
9954002Serologic test for rubella
9988008Computerized tomography, oblique
10071009Anti-streptokinase assay
10072002Fluorescent antibody measurement
10104004Flow cytometric crossmatch, two colors
10110004Platelet adhesiveness test
10140002Opiates, qualitative
10181005Diagnostic radiography of sacrococcygeal joint
10187009Ketone bodies measurement, qualitative
10199002Phonocardiogram with ECG lead
10223001Fat stain, urine
10239008Rheumatoid factor, quantitative
10268009Immunochemiluminescent assay
10374007Echography, contact B-scan
10428007Radiologic guidance for dilation of ureters
10447005Maprotiline measurement
10489002Nasal endoscopy with nasal polypectomy
10563004Sleep disorder function test
10666003Exploration for removal of deep foreign body of forearm
10670006Oxazepam measurement
10672003Minimum bactericidal concentration test, macrodilution method
10688003Anodic stripping voltammetry measurement
10689006Exploration of nerve
10812009Blood gases, capillary measurement
10820006Beta-lactamase activity
10821005Gastric fluid analysis, food, forensic
10822003Fecal trypsin, qualitative 24-hour specimen
10829007Test of esophageal sensation using acid perfusion
10909005Audiometric group testing
10910000Crossed immunoelectrophoresis measurement
10919004Atomic absorption, flame type
10939000Iron uptake test
10946009Fajersztajn test
10956008Clot retraction, inhibition by drug
10967009Eosinophil count, nasal
11017006Thromboxane B2 assay
11078007Fletcher factor assay
11138003Acid mucopolysaccharides measurement
11148001Intracardiac electrophysiologic procedure with ECG
11175008Insect identification procedure
11184008Urinalysis, blood, qualitative
11198000Carnitine measurement, tissue
11269009Isotope study for plasma volume
11274001Lactate dehydrogenase level
11278003Kidney imaging with vascular flow and function study
11295006Brachial arteriography
11304004Diphtheria skin test
11343000Anoscopy with biopsy
11362002Epstein-Barr MA antibody measurement
11377005Direct laryngoscopy with excision of tumor
11390003US Retroperitoneum, limited
11405004Gelatin liquefaction test
11415005Antibody identification, RBC antibody panel, standard technique
11485002Electron microscopy for viral identification rapid
11560009Endoscopy of adenoid
11561008C1q receptor measurement
11582002Intraoperative echography
11610007Arylsulfatase A measurement, fibroblasts
11634002Diagnostic radiography, supine and erect studies
11732005Simple cystometrogram
11743002Semen analysis, post vasectomy
11756009Factor H receptor measurement
11758005Quantitative photoplethysmography, venous
11760007Fluoroscopy during operation
11819005Ocular thermography
11821000Pharmacometric study
11829003Vitamin B6 measurement
11846000Aniline measurement
11892002Computerized tomography, sagittal
11895000Tracer study of eye
11900001Seminal examination
11905006Pasco system test
11909000Immunoprecipitin test, quantitative
11913007Mephenytoin measurement
11921001Heinz body determination, induced
11971003Pulmonary ventilation-perfusion study by radioactive krypton
12065009Monitoring of coronary blood flow
12118001Phlebography of portal system
12124007Radioisotope scan of pancreas
12199005Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy measurement
12224000Parathyroid related protein measurement
12234009RBC antibody detection, warm with titration
12243000Exploration of femoral artery
12271006Complement fixation test for syphilis
12282003Dental pulp vitality test
12305000Microbial identification, quadFERM and method
12319000Mexiletine measurement
12324002Exploratory laparotomy with biopsy
12341000Isotope study for glomerular filtration rate
12350003Colonoscopy with rigid sigmoidoscope through colotomy
12356009Diagnostic radiography, stereotactic localization in head
12357000Radiologic examination of renal cyst, translumbar approach
12359002Microbial identification, Neisseria hemophilus identification card method
12386002Patient status determination
12387006Microbial subculture
12429008Granulocyte migration inhibitor factor assay
12455009Calcium measurement, 24H stool
12513003Diagnostic radiography of hip, bilateral
12586001Physician direction of emergency medical systems
12652004Urine zinc level
12700007Meat inspection for toxicology
12712006Antimony measurement, urine
12717000Culture for viruses
12736005Beta lactamase, acidimetric susceptibility test
12744005Perineal urethroscopy
12749000Radiologic guidance for percutaneous placement of enteroclysis tube
12780005Indirect laryngoscopy with removal of lesion
12787008D-xylose, blood
12810006Cell mediated lympholysis assay
12836004Autobac series II system test
12838003Incision and exploration of neck
12843005Subsequent hospital visit by physician
12845003Malaria smear
12889003Microbial culture, complex
12894003Functional assessment
13004001Rigid proctosigmoidoscopy
13021005Electron microscopy study, examination and report
13042007Elbow flexion test
13046005Cholylglycine measurement
13067005Cholesteryl esters measurement
13070009Hepatitis A virus antibody, IgG type
13072001Antibody identification, RBC, albumin
13088001Corpora cavernosography
13142009Direct laryngoscopy with insertion of obturator
13153003Circulation time, one test
13165004Measurement of glucose 3 hours after glucose challenge for glucose tolerance test
13167007Angiocardiography by cineradiography
13205008Transvaginal ultrasound scan
13227004Acetaldehyde measurement
13256004Dynamic function study, blood clearance
13362007Gas liquid chromatography, Hall conductivity type
13374006Hemolysin detection, cold, quantitative
13378009Thyroid uptake with discharge
13385008Mediate auscultation
13405005Plasma clot lysis time
13416003Ober's test
13437006Alpha globulin gene analysis, blood
13450007Mammary ductogram of multiple ducts
13478008Electrocardiogram, intracardiac, His bundle recording
13518004Computerized tomography without IV contrast followed by IV contrast and more sections
13578005Diagnostic radiography, combined AP and lateral
13587001Gas liquid chromatography, mass analyzer type
13607009Manual examination of breast
13661007Lidocaine measurement
13714004Arthroscopic procedure
13728005Gastric analysis
13745000Dermographia test
13801008Puncture test
13837003Inborn errors of metabolism screen
13845008Gastrointestinal aspirate for localization of blood loss
13852005Transabdominal gastroscopy
13892007Progesterone receptor assay measurement
13949001Fluorescent treponemal absorption test, double staining test
13956007Urine concentration test
13966004Incision and exploration of nipple
14089001Red blood cell count
14129001History and physical examination, follow-up for emotional or mental disease
14211004CT guidance for needle biopsy
14227006Sickle cell identification
14233002Quantitative microbial culture, pad culture method
14275001Boronate affinity chromatography measurement
14348005Membrane stability test
14393002Wedge pressure determination
14412009Endoscopic destruction of lesion of peritoneum
14421005Serologic test for herpes virus
14431003Electrocardiogram, single lead
14452006Head distraction test
14456009Measuring height of patient
14471008Serologic test for Fungus
14513002Arthroscopy of ankle with removal of foreign body
14563007Endoscopy of pelvic cavity
14573009Endoscopy of epididymis
14577005Hexosaminidase A and total hexosaminidase measurement, amniotic fluid cells
14598005Vitamin B12 measurement
14603002Apnea monitor surveillance
14612000Immunoassay for detection of antibody to infectious agent, paired sample
14663000Chloride measurement, urine
14736009Patient evaluation and management
14740000Triglycerides measurement
14768001Peripheral blood smear interpretation
14769009Tilt table test
14788002Antimicrobial susceptibility test
14826006Cystourethroscopy with insertion of radioactive substance
14830009Electrolytes measurement, urine
14864008Endoscopy of thyroid
14881004Provocative intraocular pressure test
14902005Autoagglutination test
14932002Urine: Bence Jones' protein level
15022001Maximum breathing capacity measurement
15057003Range of motion measurements and report for hand
15175004HIV-1 dot blot immunobinding assay
15220000Laboratory test
15282006Fetal echocardiography, real time with image documentation (2D) with M-mode recording
15291005Left ventricular recording
15351005Radiocalcium absorption study
15356000Factor VIII R: R Co assay
15364006Scanning or imaging, perfusion study, particulate
15376006Infant development screening
15380001Granulocyte migration factor assay
15403001N-acetylglucosaminidase A & B measurement
15435001Inhalation bronchial challenge testing
15460001Paraldehyde measurement
15613003Ischemic forearm exercise test
15695009Stimulation test
15719007Fine needle aspirate with routine interpretation and report
15749009Cerebral ventriculography, air contrast
15757007Serialography, single plane
15774007Maxillary sinus endoscopy with removal of mucous membrane and polyps
15886004Neoplasm screening
15921006Passive agglutination test
15979006Endoscopy of heart
16020002Laryngeal function studies
16029001Esophagoscopy through artificial stoma
16099009Northern blot assay
16132001Bleeding time, Ivy
16151007Microbial identification and susceptibility test
16152000Norepinephrine measurement, standing
16245009Angiography of renal arteries, bilateral
16254007Lipid panel
16278002Radiologic supervision and interpretation of procedure
16298007Rate measurement
16306001Ocular photography for medical evaluation and documentation, slit lamp photography
16308000Beta-galactosidase measurement
16314007Microbial smear examination
16361008Autopsy, gross and microscopic examination, stillborn or newborn
16391003Cystine measurement, quantitative
16400008Heterophile antibody measurement
16413002C1q precipitation test
16450001Leukocyte migration inhibitor factor assay
16493001Platelet aggregation with ADP test
16533001Silica measurement, tissue
16572002Butalbital measurement
16608009Endoscopy of lung
16614002Creatine kinase isoenzyme level
16620001Kidney stone analysis
16669004Hexosaminidase A and total hexosaminidase measurement
16690007Prothrombin consumption time
16692004C>1< complement assay
16742006Indirect antiglobulin test
16747000Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram
16771007Skin test, anergy testing
16775003Eikonometric examination including prescribing lenses
16830007Visual acuity testing
16860002Vestibular function test with observation and evaluation by physician
16890009Insulin level
16908007Linoleate measurement
16910009Oral contrast cholecystography
16939009Compatibility test, crossmatch, screening for compatible unit, saline and/or high protein
16942003Probing of lacrimal canaliculi with irrigation
16948004Immunoglobulin G subclass, G4 measurement
16960003Amino acid screen
17026004Radionuclide tissue clearance study
17092007Hepatitis E antibody measurement
17103008Skeletal muscle function study
17130003T3 - Triiodothyronine uptake
17146006NIBP - Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
17164004Thyroglobulin antibody measurement
17188002Carnitine measurement, serum
17259005Ocular motility study
17297005Mercury level
17353009Microbial growth rate, slow
17374005Queckenstedt test
17375006Ultrasonic guidance for renal pelvis aspiration
17424007Intracarotid amobarbital test
17508008Paraaminohippurate measurement
17515000Radioimmunoprecipitation assay
17612009History and physical examination, known or suspected carrier
17624002Splenoportography, positive contrast
17652006Serologic test for Rickettsia rickettsii
17705008Lymphocyte transformation, phytohemagglutination
17711006Diagnostic radiography, combined posteroanterior and lateral
17724006Continuous wave Doppler analog wave form analysis of upper extremity arteries
17745004Radiography of male genital organs
17776005Arthrography of elbow
17814008Differential solubility measurement
17823006Boric acid measurement, blood
17831001Free fatty acids measurement
17882003Direct laryngoscopy with arytenoidectomy
17888004HDL measurement
17923005Incision and exploration of urethra
17969005T-cell antigen detection
17984001Acute gastrointestinal blood loss imaging
18000007Muscle-testing with torque curves during isometric and isokinetic exercise
18005002Intrinsic-plus test
18019002Heavy metal screen on blood
18044005Endoscopy of trachea
18049000Bronchoscopy with destruction of tumor by laser surgery
18091003Electronystagmography with vertical electrodes
18102001Mammary ductogram
18114009Prenatal examination and care of mother
18123007Latex agglutination inhibition assay
18178001Evaluation for hearing aid and testing
18188000Ophthalmoscopy under general anesthesia
18207002Urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio, serum
18284006Phospholipid measurement
18304007Yeast identification, germ tube test
18360001Red blood cell antibody detection, cold with titration
18370004Radiologic examination of upper gastrointestinal tract with kidney-ureter-bladder
18408009Culture of semen for Brucella
18418004Hepatitis C virus recombinant immunoblot measurement
18479002Testicular imaging with vascular flow
18481000Electron microscopy technique, staining, thin section
18499008Radionuclide study, protein kinetics
18529002Diagnostic radiography of pelvis, stereo views
18603005Time kill assay test
18640002Echography, M-mode
18648009Sleep EEG
18649001Rectal temperature taking
18691004Alpha-subunit of pituitary glycoprotein hormone measurement
18706007Complement sixth component
18721001Cosyntropin test
18736003Middle ear exploration through ear canal incision
18747005Radiologic examination of elbow, anteroposterior and lateral views
18762007Exploration of vein of lower limb
18785008Microbial dry smear
18840000Virus identification by tissue culture inoculation and observation
18843003Mass spectrometry, chemical ionization type
18848007Echography of chest, B-scan with image documentation
18856005Arthroscopy of shoulder with extensive debridement
18912009Radiography of soft tissue of elbow
18922003Thomas test
18980008Red blood cell antibody detection with saline
19086005Radioisotope study of respiratory system
19116003Cytochrome b5 reductase measurement
19165008Measurement of limb length
19218007Incision and exploration of gallbladder
19229006Pesticides screen
19247000Endoscopy of tonsil
19252005Isotope study for gastrointestinal blood loss
19271007Fibrin split products, ethanol gel assay
19294008Endomysium antibody level
19401006Oxytocinase measurement
19426002Exploration of abdominal artery
19433002Direct laryngoscopy with foreign body removal
19490002Radiography of ankle
19505000Immunoglobulin typing, immunoglobulin M
19507008Measurement of deoxyribonuclease C antibody
19518008Protein measurement, urine, quantitative 24 hour
19540004Arthroscopy of knee with lysis of adhesions with manipulation
19566001Sperm evaluation by cervical mucus penetration test
19589009Radiography of mandible
19671003Bone thermography
19681004Nursing evaluation of patient and report
19720009Electron microscopy for viral identification, smear, transmission
19731001Ultrasound study of eye
19739004Platelet aggregation assay
19748009Cyanide measurement, tissue
19806009Direct laryngoscopy, diagnostic, with operating microscope
19815002Toluidine red unheated serum test
19821003Carboxyhemoglobin measurement
19838004In-vitro immunologic test
19851009Microbiology test
19869000Rapid plasma reagin test
19876005Ankle dorsiflexion test
19957009White blood cell (WBC) enzyme determination
19961003Cephalometric analysis
20003009BACTEC susceptibility test by direct method
20006001Passive hemagglutination assay
20067007Retinal photography
20099001Blood typing, ABO, Rho(D) and red blood cell antibody screening
20109005Electrolytes measurement, serum
20130001Endoscopy of skin of trunk
20135006Health screening
20174004Rickettsial serologic study, paired samples
20191000Radial immunodiffusion measurement
20284006Sceptor system test
20308005C>1<r complement assay
20312004Gibberelic acid measurement
20370004Microbial identification, Key rapid test
20384009Radioisotope scan of pituitary
20436004Testosterone measurement, unbound
20469004Protein S level
20480004Arthrotomy of mediocarpal joint for infection with exploration and drainage
20481000Determination of prognosis
20501000Urine specific gravity level
20508006Esculin hydrolysis test
20521004Basic pure tone audiometry, air and bone
20536001Direct immunobead assay
20563000Estriol measurement, serum
20592001Eosinophil count, stool
20603005Special echography procedure
20630000Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with cholangiography
20661009Respirations counting and evaluation
20688004Antibody detection, red blood cell, saline, high protein and anti-human globulin technique
20726006Pressure measurement of sphincter of Oddi
20740007Pelvic echography, B-scan, complete
20798004Radiologic examination of foot, anteroposterior and lateral views
20811003Quantitative photoplethysmography, vascular
20816008OM - Esophageal manometry
20817004Wedge pressure determination of hepatic vein
20836009CT of posterior fossa with contrast
20857001Phencyclidine measurement
20868001Duchenne muscular dystrophy carrier detection, blood
20883006N-methylimidazoleacetic acid measurement, urine
20933000Endoscopy of liver
20939001Quinine measurement
21032000Cardiac mapping
21062006Phenylpropanolamine measurement
21126008Hepatobiliary ductal system imaging including gallbladder
21151009Intracranial pressure monitor maintenance
21221007B blood group typing
21331002Arthrotomy of knee with joint exploration and biopsy
21339000Radiography of intestine
21354006Leukocyte histamine release test
21393002Lymphocyte transformation, antigen induced
21403007Yeast identification, direct mount
21423008Sigmoidoscopy through artificial stoma
21424002Phosphatidylinositol measurement
21487006Sulfadiazine measurement
21537002Parathyroidectomy with mediastinal exploration by sternal split approach
21562002Theophylline measurement, saliva
21613005Radiologic examination of cervical spine, anteroposterior and lateral
21623001Biophysical profile of fetus
21685006Ocular photography for medical evaluation and documentation, stereophotography
21689000Endoscopy of adrenal gland
21727005Audiometric test
21796007Direct laryngoscopy with dilation
21808008Environmental culture
21831008Incision and exploration of bronchus
21862007Visual field examination and evaluation, limited
21970003Radiography of ribs
22031009Urine porphyrin levels
22034001Echography of prostate, transrectal approach
22059005Computerized tomography, bone density study
22089003Pulmonary ventilation-perfusion study by radioactive oxygen
22189001Methotrexate level
22238008Pulmonary stress testing
22260006C1q solid phase assay
22289008Radiography of symphysis menti
22369009Platinum measurement
22400007Three-dimensional reconstruction
22446007Diagnostic radiography of chest, minifilm
22458007Epidural venography
22494006Immediate percussion
22530002Arthrography of hip with positive contrast
22546005Esophagogastroscopy through stoma
22569008Glucose measurement, serum
22642004Bacterial bacteriophage typing
22644003Low density lipoprotein measurement
22677004Autopsy, gross examination, teaching, limited
22705003Nasal endoscopy with removal of foreign body
22714008Antigen capture assay
22766004Interleukin-6 assay
22791004X-ray of lumbosacral spine
22820002Urine free cortisol level
22872007Stimulation of carotid sinus with simultaneous electrocardiographic monitoring
22873002Pulmonary phlebography
22874008Trifluoperazine measurement
22891007Radiography of teeth
22901000Diagnostic radiography, survey
22923001Factor D complement assay
22948003Radiologic examination of wrist, anteroposterior and lateral views
22981002Ortolani test
22998002Digital examination of colostomy stoma
23025002Gastric transit study
23054008Maxillary sinus endoscopy with removal of foreign body
23093004Microbial identification, Minitek biochemical differentiation disk method
23162002Electroencephalogram awake and asleep with stimulation
23170007Phosphofructokinase measurement, erythrocytes
23197000Air culture for fungus
23225008Gastrointestinal protein loss study
23244001Hemoglobin F level
23297007Catalase test
23394003Radiography of sternum
23405006Schamroth test
23426006Lung function tests
23461000Diagnostic radiography, posteroanterior
23463002Gentamicin level
23479001High performance liquid chromatography, ultra-violet type
23481004Gas liquid chromatography, microwave plasma type
23516001Alpha-n-acetylglucosaminidase measurement, fibroblasts
23529001Mercury measurement, blood
23567003Biotinidase measurement
23572007Transmission bone density study
23576005Plant identification procedure
23638006Electrocardiogram with maximal exercise test
23738001US scan of digestive system
23779000Crystal identification, urine
23796004IL-7 assay
23818008Scanning or imaging, perfusion study, gaseous
23828004Immunodiffusion, qualitative by Ouchterlony technique
23846005Radiography of soft tissue of thigh
23852006Cardiac monitoring
23931002Ultrasonography of head and neck
24046001Ethylene glycol measurement
24053005Heterophile antibody screen
24058001Echocardiography for determining posterior left ventricular wall thickness
24103002Endoscopy of skin of head
24135002Ultrasonography of total body
24139008Endoscopic examination of bladder
24200008Calculus analysis, quantitative, X-ray diffraction
24205003Uric acid measurement, urine
24229005Esophagoscopy for removal of polypoid lesion
24247004Euglobulin lysis time
24252009Porphyrin measurement, total, plasma
24267008Soft tissue X-ray of shoulder and upper limb
24420007SIGy - Sigmoidoscopy
24426001Arsenic measurement, gastric
24509005Urea nitrogen measurement
24512008Special chemical test, explain by report
24519004Free radical assay technique measurement
24580007Raji assay
24592007Serologic test for Ehrlichia sennetsu
24593002Fibrinolytic system test
24599003Pulmonary artery pressure monitoring
24623002Screening mammography
24625009Ely test
24643008Circulating inhibitor assay, factor IX
24644002Leukocyte migration factor assay
24646000Abdominal aortography, translumbar with serialography
24683000Uptake measurement
24689001Computed tomography guidance for treatment planning, teletherapy
24714007Microbial growth rate, rapid
24715008Splenoportogram by splenic arteriography
24727006Temperature gradient studies
24737001Echography of scrotum and contents
24753003Sex hormone binding globulin level
24799001Bicarbonate loading test
24808009Iron chelation study
24831009Intestinal alkaline phosphatase measurement
24848001Ultrasonography of pelvis
24856003Diagnostic radiography of coccyx
24892004Antineuronal nuclear antibody-type I measurement
24899008Infection control culture overnight
24968008Endoscopy of skin of extremities
24985005Visual field examination and evaluation, extended
25096005Phosphatidylglycerol measurement, semi-quantitative, amniotic fluid
25104002Haloperidol measurement
25117004Incision and exploration of adrenal
25164004Ketone bodies measurement, quantitative
25197003Sodium measurement
25219007Antibody to nuclear matrix measurement
25284008Carbon dioxide measurement, partial pressure
25306006Thermography - deep veins
25340006Neutrophil band count
25347009Venography of lower extremity, bilateral
25383000Interleukin-1 alpha assay
25434003Limited eye examination
25459007Coated particle agglutination inhibition assay
25464006Thromboplastin generation test, Hicks-Pitney modification
25469001Anion gap measurement
25485006Exploration of lower limb artery
25514001Digoxin measurement
25528007Microbial identification kit, Enterotube II method
25570002Endoscopy of nose
25578009Human immunodeficiency virus HIV-1 passive hemagglutination assay
25579001Oxygen measurement, partial pressure, arterial
25630002Testicular imaging
25643002Cryoglobulin measurement, type I
25645009Endoscopy of perineum
25652006alpha-L-iduronidase measurement
25656009Physical examination, complete
25696006Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL), qualitative
25697002Renin, low salt intake measurement, upright, 4 hours
25704007Antigen capture enzyme immunoassay test
25732003Fiberoptic colonoscopy with biopsy
25741008Special audiometric function test
25759006Radionuclide scanning for hot spot
25760001Angiography of cervicocerebral arteries
25775009Gastric fluid analysis, free and total acid measurement
25846008Cystourethroscopy with internal male urethrotomy
25850001US scan of chest
25918005Cystourethroscopy with biopsy of bladder
25925003Concentration for ova and cysts
26046004Cardiovascular stress test using bicycle ergometer
26047008Aspirin tolerance test
26052003Manganese measurement
26055001Evoked stimulus response testing
26058004Thoracoscopy and biopsy
26086007Bone marrow laboratory procedure
26154000Base deficit measurement
26234007Platelet aggregation with collagen test
26262000Phlebography of head
26300008Protein C, functional assay
26308001Deep fine needle aspiration biopsy under radiologic guidance
26337002Exploratory thoracotomy
26354005Sleep electroencephalogram, all night
26448005Malonate test
26488000Plasminogen assay, antigenic
26491000Special potency disk identification test
26504003Arthrotomy of knee with joint exploration
26537001Diagnostic radiography of lumbar spine, combined anteroposterior and lateral
26542009Ward urine dip stick testing for sugar
26562001Phenothiazine measurement, quantitative
26589006Antibody identification, leukocyte antibody
26604007FBC - Full blood count
26631005Silica measurement, urine
26648002Diagnostic radiography, special views
26661002Probing of lacrimal canaliculi
26758005Albumin measurement
26762004Autopsy, gross examination, teaching, complete
26769008Bleeding time, Duke
26832000Alpha-galactosidase measurement, fibroblasts
26914001Tributyrin test
26946001CT of upper extremity with contrast
26958001LFT - Liver function test
26962007Urease test, Wayne method
26970002Hexosaminidase A and total hexosaminidase measurement, serum and leukocytes
26981004O-nitrophenyl-beta-o-galactopyranoside test
27032005Nose and throat examination
27051004Blood arterial pH level
27083005Immunoglobulin G subclass measurement
27107005Osmotic fragility, immediate
27115008Microsomal thyroid antibody measurement
27198009Rh system genotype
27220002Alpha-1-Fetoprotein measurement, amniotic fluid
27260001Urinalysis, routine and microscopic
27310005Gold measurement
27311009Ethylene glycol opacity test
2732200817-Ketogenic steroids measurement
27323003Secretory immunoglobulin A measurement
27375007Gallstone analysis
27419005Amino acids measurement
27469002Percutaneous transhepatic portography with hemodynamic evaluation
27483000Diagnostic radiography with contrast media
27494001Human immunodeficiency virus HIV-2 antibody assay
27496004Delayed hypersensitivity skin test
27498003Positive contrast bronchography, bilateral
27532002Endoscopy and removal of foreign material
27563003Congo red test
27567002Microcytotoxicity crossmatch, NIH type
27593009Bacterial biotyping
27621006Acetylsalicylic acid measurement, qualitative
27662000Calibration of urethra
27709003Ascorbic acid measurement
27761003Amphotericin measurement
27808002Video and radio-telemetered electroencephalographic monitoring
27821009Venography of jugular vein
27851003Myelography of entire spinal canal
27854006Urine metanephrine
27904004Antibody to SS-B measurement
27965000Methamphetamine measurement
27994007Theophylline measurement, blood
28033003Fluoroscopic localization for needle biopsy in chest
28034009Follow-up examination of nose and throat
28036006High density lipoprotein cholesterol level
28040002General health panel
28101009Total vital capacity with timed forced expiratory volume and peak flow rate measurement
28148006Re-exploration of parathyroid gland
28160007Pelvic lymphangiography, bilateral
28163009Skin test for tuberculosis, Tine test
28261000Beta-glucosidase measurement
28275007Body plethysmography
28297009Galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase measurement, fibroblasts


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