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SHR HomeEnvironmentRiskVS ValueSet

SHR HomeEnvironmentRiskVS ValueSet

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Name:SHR HomeEnvironmentRiskVS ValueSet
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
Source ResourceXML / JSON / Turtle
Downloads: XML, JSON, Turtle


This value set contains 33 concepts

Expansion based on version 0.0.1

All codes from system

gunsGuns in householdGuns in household
more_gunsGuns in neighborhoodGuns in neighborhood
smoke_detectorsNo Smoke DetectorsNo Smoke Detectors
radiationRadon or other radiation sourceRadon or other radiation source
swimming_poolSwimming PoolSwimming Pool
leadLead in soil, paint or waterLead in soil, paint or water
wellWell waterWell water
noiseExcessive noiseExcessive noise
no_connectionNo internetNo internet
no_electricityUnreliable electricity supplyUnreliable electricity supply
air_qualityPoor air qualityPoor air quality
water_qualityPoor drinking water qualityPoor drinking water quality
crimeNeighborhood crimeNeighborhood crime
trafficNeighborhood trafficNeighborhood traffic
unwalkableNeighborhood unwalkableNeighborhood unwalkable
insectsInsect infestationInsect infestation
rodentsRodent infestationRodent infestation
disrepairHome in disrepairHome in disrepair
clutterClutter or hoardingClutter or hoarding
fire_hazardNo fire escape or other fire hazardNo fire escape or other fire hazard
stairsSteps hard to navigateSteps hard to navigate
bathroomBathroom facilities hard to utilize, e.g., on another floor or lacking accomodationsBathroom facilities hard to utilize, e.g., on another floor or lacking accomodations
isolatedToo far away from thingsToo far away from things
transportationHard to access transportation resourcesHard to access transportation resources
motorcycleRide motorcycleRide motorcycle
contact_sportsPlay contact sportsPlay contact sports
seat_beltDoes not wear seat beltsDoes not wear seat belts
sun_exposureSpends excessive time in the sunSpends excessive time in the sun
tanningUses tanning bedUses tanning bed


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