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SHR ClinicalFindingAbsentVS ValueSet

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13117000Absence of stress
28281004No bacterial antibody present
33678008On examination - no disease present
34189007Absence of aura
70790008Absence of nausea and vomiting
81765008No pain
82120007Bacterial growth absent
89777000Tenderness absent
102905003Absence of guilt
134420004No suicidal thoughts
160245001No current problems or disability
160253009No significant social history
160254003No history of cardiovascular system disease
160255002No history of gastrointestinal tract disease
160256001No history of genitourinary tract disease
160257005No history of central nervous system disease
160258000No history of respiratory system disease
160259008No history of psychiatric disorder
161745005No history of miscarriage
161755009No history of abortion
161851007No temperature symptom
161869003Not tired
161881004No stiff neck
161886009Does not bruise easily
161890006No backache
161915001No general symptom
161922009No cough
161928008Night cough absent
161938003No breathlessness
161953006No hiccough
161962008No respiratory symptoms
161966006No palpitations
161971004Chest pain not present
161980004No edema present
162001003No cardiovascular symptom
162005007No tooth problem
162010006No mouth problem
162019007No problem chewing
162023004No problem swallowing
162037008No abdominal pain
162056003No nausea
162062008No vomiting
162069004Abdomen not distended
162075008No excessive upper gastrointestinal gas
162085009No tenesmus
162104009Diarrhea not present
162111008No gastrointestinal symptom
162139009No genitourinary pain
162154003No urethral discharge
162157005Vaginal discharge absent
162161004No breast lump
162185007No genitourinary symptom
162235006No motor symptom
162264002No consciousness disturbance
162275003No visual symptom
162293002Speech normal
162298006No headache
162350004No tinnitus present
162357001No earache
162363005Ear discharge absent
162368001Does not sneeze
162372002Does not have nosebleeds
162376004Does not snore
162379006No nasal symptoms
162387007No sore throat
162395006No throat symptom
162406001No ear, nose or throat symptom
162467007Free of symptoms
162780006O/E - edema not present
162963000O/E - no adventitious sounds
163045005O/E - no arterial bruit
163068001O/E - no cardiac thrill
163084000O/E - pericardial rub absent
163088002O/E - no cardiac murmur
163198005On examination - no abdominal movement
163207001On examination - no intra-abdominal movement
163213005On examination - no abdominal pain on palpation
163225008O/E - no guarding on palpation
163237005O/E - no rebound tenderness
163249006O/E - no abdominal rigidity
163253008O/E - liver not palpable
163266008O/E - liver not painful
163271001O/E - gallbladder not palpable
163279004On examination - abdominal mass not palpated
163310006O/E - ascites not demonstrated
163316000O/E - no hernia demonstrated
163355004O/E - kidneys not palpable
163361001O/E - bladder not palpable
163375008O/E - no scrotal swelling
163423003O/E - no vaginal discharge
163458001O/E - no nipple discharge
163466005O/E - no breast lump palpable
163492003O/E - breast lump not tethered
163536000O/E - no fetal movements
163543006O/E - fetal heart not heard
163557008O/E - VE - pelvis not adequate
163560001O/E - VE - cervix not ripe
163589004O/E - no fit/convulsion seen
163599009O/E - no paralysis
163631000O/E - no trophic changes
163657002O/E - no muscle contracture
163663006O/E - no involuntary movements
163757005O/E - no suppression
163763001O/E - no visual agnosia
163846005O/E - no clonus
163904000O/E - no raised I/C pressure
163909005O/E - meningism absent
163913003O/E - Kernig's sign negative
163915005O/E-Brudzinski's sign negative
163918007O/E - no speech defect
164016004O/E - ptosis absent
164041006O/E - accommod-pupil not react
164073000O/E - no nystagmus
164140005O/E - not clinically anemic
164163000O/E - spleen not palpable
164183004O/E - no nasal discharge
164212007O/E - no discharge from ear
164220009O/E - ear not painful
164273009O/E - no laryngeal signs
164329007O/E - no macules
164336008O/E - papules not present
164340004O/E - skin nodules not present
164344008O/E - vesicles not present
164348006O/E - skin bullae not present
164355008O/E - no pustules present
164362004On examination - wheals not present
164366001O/E - skin scales not present
164372001O/E - no skin burrows
164376003O/E - blackheads not present
164380008O/E - no skin plaque
164384004O/E - skin cyst not present
164390000O/E - no skin fissures
164396006O/E - no skin ulcer
164400006O/E - no skin scarring
164406000O/E - no skin crust
164415007O/E - skin sinus not present
164507007O/E - no joint abnormality
164525000O/E - joint not swollen
164549002O/E - joint not stiff
164558009O/E - no joint contraction
164574004O/E - no bone abnormal
164588000O/E - no bone abnormality
164598006O/E-no soft tissue abnormality
164682005O/E - sign not tethered
164689001O/E - sign not painful
164695000O/E - sign not pulsatile
165768008Rhesus antibody absent
165928001L.E. cells absent
167056009Carcinoembryonic antigen absent
169450001No contraceptive precautions
170640003No peak flow meter at home
224963002NBI - No bony injury
225438003No problems with thinking
225874001No thoughts about dying
228333007No undue priority given to drink-related activities
228367002No misuse of drugs
228368007Has never misused drugs
228392004Does not inject drugs
228393009Has never injected drugs
228396001Does not share drug injection equipment
228409000Does not use needle and syringe exchange scheme
228416004No undue priority given to drug-related activities
228426006Has no routine of drug-related activities
228431008Does not follow drug-related rituals
228439005No craving for drugs
247079003RR - No red reflex
248553004No obstruction of airway
249080008No fontanelles presenting
251705002No lacrimal regurgitation
271679004Liver not palpable
271682009Gallbladder not palpable
271738005Spleen not palpable
274541004No involuntary movements
274547000Visual agnosia absent
274621000No swollen glands
274807004Nasal discharge absent
274808009Cardiac thrill absent
274810006Rebound tenderness absent
274823004Clonus absent
274826007Nystagmus absent
274827003Joint not swollen
274829000Meningism absent
274831009Arterial bruit absent
274832002Abdominal rigidity absent
276451003No dental plaque
278036006Lupus antibody absent
278683009No malocclusion
281007007No fluorescein staining of cornea
281633000Tinel sign negative
285341004KOD - Not knocked out
289225008No desire to push in labor
289424009No fontanelles palpable vaginally
289432001Foetal movements absent
289446001Foetal heart sounds absent
289490006Absent discharge at vulva
289493008Vulva non-tender
289542001No vaginal blood loss
289595003Vagina non-tender
289658007No uterocervical descent
289668002No tenderness of body of uterus
289672003Absent fluid thrill in uterus
289801009No cervical bleeding
289805000No cervical discharge
289816007Cervix tenderness absent
289843002Ovary tenderness absent
290000000Rash absent
290081003Breast non-tender
290082005No generalized tenderness of breast
290083000No localized tenderness of breast
290105008No nipple bleeding
290106009No bleeding from surface of nipple
290117005No nipple tenderness
297124008Adnexal tenderness absent
297125009Abdominal tenderness absent
297973003Skin non-tender
298252007Joint tenderness absent
298291002Skeletal muscle non-tender
298295006Gowers sign absent
298296007Trousseau sign negative
298297003Chvostek sign negative
298311000Romberg sign negative
298320009Dysdiadochokinesis absent
298322001Past pointing absent
298730002Sternum non-tender
298741000No rib tenderness
299052005Froment sign negative
299054006Prayer sign negative
299316003Trendelenburg sign negative
299730006Kernig sign negative
299731005Brudzinski sign negative
299883008Ankle clonus absent
299887009Patellar clonus absent
299951001Barber's chair sign negative
300106007No pinna tenderness
300134000No tenderness in ear canal
300190006Middle ear fistula sign negative
300236008Tooth non-tender
300289009No gastric reflux
300334008Liver tenderness absent
300349000Gallbladder tenderness absent
300353003Murphy sign negative
300406002No abdominal movement
300420009No abdominal guarding on palpation
300426003Shifting abdominal dullness absent
300432008Grey Turner sign negative
300434009Cullen sign negative
300436006Puddle sign negative
300447004Kidney tenderness absent
300460005No bladder tenderness
300502003Epididymis tenderness absent
300508004Vas deferens non-tender
300536009No prostate tenderness
300540000Sperm absent
300567006Spleen non-tender
300870000No mass present
300890009Not swollen
301125003Pericardial friction rub absent
301131000Heart murmur absent
301196008Nose tenderness absent
301212004No bleeding from larynx
301214003No laryngeal tenderness
301281001Coin sign absent
301909009No eye discharge
302062002No generalized lymphadenopathy
302063007No localized lymphadenopathy
302064001No lymphangitis
304242000No experience of bereavement
308090007On examination - right cataract absent
308091006On examination - left cataract absent
309580001Immunology finding absent
309582009Cytology finding absent
309672004On examination - skin lesion absent
310436000Wheeze absent
310595000No H/O: Iritis
310596004No H/O: Glaucoma
310597008On examination - no gallop rhythm
313005002On examination - blood pressure reading: no postural drop
313185002No recurrence of problem
313389004No cardiac failure
314641006No testicular lump present
315213009Not a passive smoker
315215002Disorder excluded
315216001Diabetes mellitus excluded
371622005Elevated blood-pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension
372284002Pathology examination findings absent
373140001No thrombus
390847009O/E - no retinopathy
390850007O/E - no right diabetic retinopathy
390853009O/E - no left diabetic retinopathy
390855002O/E - diabetic maculopathy absent both eyes
394707001No history of migraine
394926003Heart disease excluded
394927007Heart failure excluded
395100000No evidence of cancer found
395172009No evidence of left ventricular systolic dysfunction
397589008Absence of signs and symptoms of injury caused by extraneous objects
397601001Absence of signs and symptoms of positioning injury
397606006Absence of signs and symptoms of radiation injury
397612001Absence of signs and symptoms of transfer/transport injury
397658000Absence of signs and symptoms of chemical injury
397680002Absence of signs and symptoms of infection
397687004Absence of signs and symptoms of laser injury
397712006Absence of signs and symptoms of electrical injury
397719002Absence of signs and symptoms of physical injury
401018007Not wearing seat belt
401179006No previous immunizations
401187007No itch
401228008No thoughts of deliberate self harm
401268007No evidence of mental illness
409137002No known history of drug allergy
412716005Cervical smear transformation zone cells absent
413076004No past history of venous thrombosis
413164001No evidence of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction
414861001No evidence of recurrence of cancer
414862008No evidence of right ventricular systolic dysfunction
414893009O/E - left eye no maculopathy
414899008O/E - No foot callus present
414900003O/E - No left foot deformity
414901004O/E - No left foot ulcer
414902006O/E - No retinal laser photocoagulation scars
414903001O/E - No right foot deformity
414904007O/E - No right foot ulcer
414909002O/E - right eye no maculopathy
424825007Cerebrospinal (CSF) fluid flow absent
425426005Absence of open wound
426893008Absence of spontaneous respiration
428197003No known insect allergy
428607008No known environmental allergy
428913001No loss of consciousness
429625007No known food allergy
431526005Transformation zone of uterine cervix not visible
438760008No history of eclampsia
439720003Has never shared drug injection equipment
441467001Destot sign absent
441977006No cardiac pacemaker in situ
441983009No radioactive implant in situ
443494009Stemmer sign negative
443508001No history of clinical finding in subject
473073005No history of hearing loss
473074004No history of dizziness
473134007Symptomatic diabetic peripheral neuropathy absent
473136009Lipodystrophy absent
473137000Disability absent
473139002No acanthosis nigricans
473140000No bruising
473143003Chronic disease absent
473146006Coronary artery disease excluded
473328006Does not complain of erectile dysfunction
473361004Not tolerating normal diet
473384006Not trying to conceive
473385007Not tolerating oral fluid
473386008Never used condom
473387004Never used contraception
473391009Asthma never causes night symptoms
698751005Absence of wound odor
698752003Absence of wound discharge
699093007Unaware of prognosis
699196002Coronary artery disease excluded
700143000No history of depression
700144006No history of ovarian cyst
700145007No history of ectopic pregnancy
700146008No history of malignant tumor of breast
700363003No history of malignant neoplastic disease
700370003No neurodevelopmental condition detected on examination
700424009Aortic bruit absent
700426006Renal bruit absent
700427002Femoral bruit absent
700428007Carotid bruit absent
702562003No evidence of child sexual abuse
703154009Patient reports no current disability
704006006No history of cutaneous cellulitis
704007002No history of venereal disease
704240001Fetal hydrops not present
705106004Fetal cardiac abnormality not detected
707199000No finger clubbing
707289003No abnormality detected by assessment of physical health
707290007No abnormality detected by mental health assessment
707312001No varicose veins
707313006No inflammatory dermatosis
707315004No lipodermatosclerosis
707316003No ankle flare
707317007No hyperkeratosis
707319005No lymphorrhea
707321000No hemosiderin pigmentation
707322007No cutaneous lymphangioma
707855006No known exposure to Ebola virus
708021007No blanching of skin of foot on elevation of foot
708167009No cutaneous papillomatosis
716184000No known latex allergy
716186003No known allergy
716220001No known animal allergy
78241000119105Suspected mental condition not found


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