Standard Health Record FHIR Implementation Guide

SHR SleepQualityCauseVS ValueSet

SHR SleepQualityCauseVS ValueSet

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Name:SHR SleepQualityCauseVS ValueSet
Publisher:The MITRE Corporation: Standard Health Record Collaborative
Source ResourceXML / JSON / Turtle
Downloads: XML, JSON, Turtle


This value set contains 11 concepts

Expansion based on version 0.0.1

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sleep_locationWhere you sleep (e.g. noisy or uncomfortable environment)Where you sleep (e.g. noisy or uncomfortable environment)
shiftShift workShift work
partner_snoringPartner snoringPartner snoring
partnerDisturbed by partner snoring or movingDisturbed by partner snoring or moving
no_timeNot enough time to sleep enoughNot enough time to sleep enough
breathingTrouble breathing, snoring, waking up gasping for breathTrouble breathing, snoring, waking up gasping for breath
worriesThoughts and worries, anxietyThoughts and worries, anxiety
nightmaresDisturbing dreamsDisturbing dreams
restless_legsRestless legsRestless legs
not_sleepyNot sleepy at the appropriate timeNot sleepy at the appropriate time


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