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An observable sign or symptom of an underlying physical or psychological cause.

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An observable sign or symptom of an underlying physical or psychological cause.

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4142001Muscular asthenopia
4951008Nervous asthenopia
5332004Vertical spasm of gaze
10212000Kocher's sign
10885003Premenstrual symptom
11072008Nonspecific abdominal symptom
14520009Lid retraction
21801002Menopausal symptom
25618008Psychological symptom
35402000Eye AND/OR eyelid symptom
38276004Multiple symptoms
39926002Sees rings around lights
44037003Globus pharyngeus
53388009Pathognomonic symptom
55758001Eyes tire easily
62452009Subjective tinnitus
70323002Eye strain
73905001Sees flickering lights
75864003Psychiatric symptom
84869007Musculoskeletal symptom
88889000Globus sensation
89893000Lid lag
102483000Associated symptom
102630003Pancreatic symptom
102631004Pancreatic pain
103001002Feels feverish
111516008Blurring of visual image
126013009Subjective muscle weakness
131182003Visual alteration
161824009Appetite symptom
161829004Weight symptom
161855003C/O shivering
161876008Gland symptom
161880003Stiff neck symptom
161885008Bruising symptom
161894002C/O - low back pain
161896000C/O - upper back ache
161904006Unexplained symptoms continue
161920001Respiratory symptom
161956003Breath symptom
161959005C/O - catarrh
161960000C/O bronchial catarrh
161996001C/O cold extremities
161997005C/O cold hands
161998000C/O cold feet
162009001Mouth symptoms
162016000Tongue symptoms
162018004Chewing symptoms
162033007Peptic ulcer symptoms
162040008Abdominal migraine - symptom
162068007Abdomen feels distended
162147009C/O pelvic pain
162148004C/O perineal pain
162153009Urethral discharge symptom
162156001Vaginal discharge symptom
162160003Breast lump symptom
162164007Nipple discharge symptom
162189001General nervous symptoms
162200009Temporary memory loss
162206003Sexual symptom
162207007Nightmares - symptom
162227008Involuntary movement symptom
162246009Sensory symptoms
162274004Visual symptoms
162277006Sees flashes
162278001Showers of floaters
162334007No nervous system symptom
162335008Transient neurological symptoms
162338005Hearing symptoms
162362000Ear discharge symptoms
162367006Sneezing symptoms
162371009Nosebleed/epistaxis symptom
162375000Snoring symptoms
162382001C/O - postnasal drip
162408000General symptom description
162409008C/O: a general symptom
162410003C/O: a swelling
162411004C/O: stiffness
162415008C/O: a rash
162417000C/O: a deformity
162422000Symptom distribution
162426002Symptom: abdominal wall
162428001C/O - a genital symptom
162429009Symptom: upper limb
162430004C/O - lower limb symptom
162432007Symptom: generalized
162435009Symptom started minutes ago
162436005Symptom started hours ago
162437001Symptom started days ago
162438006Symptom started weeks ago
162439003Symptom started months ago
162440001Symptom started years ago
162443004Symptom lasts seconds
162444005Symptom lasts minutes
162445006Symptom lasts hours
162446007Symptom lasts days
162447003Symptom lasts weeks
162448008Symptom lasts months
162449000Symptom is continuous
162452008Has symptom every few minutes
162453003Has the symptom hourly
162454009Has symptom every few hours
162455005Has the symptom daily
162456006Has symptom every few days
162457002Has the symptom weekly
162458007Has the symptom monthly
162459004Has the symptom yearly
162461008Onset of symptom speed
162462001Symptom started gradually
162463006Symptom started suddenly
162465004Symptom severity
162466003Symptom trivial
162468002Symptom mild
162469005Symptom moderate
162470006Symptom severe
162471005Symptom very severe
162473008Symptom aggravating factors
162474002No symptom aggravating factor
162475001Food aggravates symptom
162476000Exercise aggravates symptom
162477009Movement aggravates symptom
162478004Heat aggravates symptom
162479007Cold aggravates symptom
162480005Cough aggravates symptom
162481009Breathing aggravates symptom
162483007Symptom relieving factors
162484001No symptom relieving factor
162485000Food relieves symptom
162486004Exercise relieves symptom
162487008Movement relieves symptom
162488003Rest relieves symptom
162489006Heat relieves symptom
162490002Cold relieves symptom
162492005Symptom pattern
162493000No symptom pattern
162494006Symptom occurs premenstrually
162495007Symptom occurs at night
162497004Symptom modification
162498009Symptom not changed
162499001Symptom has changed
198436008Hot flush
225581002Decreased vision
246524009Ear, nose and throat symptoms
246557006Central nervous system (CNS) symptom
246638009Interference with vision
246639001Shapes in visual field
246640004Lights or colors in visual field
246641000Sees lights in visual field
246642007Sees sparks
246643002Sees rays
246644008Sees haloes around objects
246645009Sees colors in visual field
246651004Fading of visual image
246652006Visual image fades and reappears
246653001Visual image lingers
246654007Multiple visual images
246663009Curtain across vision
246828002Retraction of upper lid, not associated with eye movement
248212006Blue - symptom
248229009Vasovagal symptom
248427009Fever symptoms
248457000Rigor - symptom
248480008Leg swelling symptom
248490000Abdomen feels bloated
249274008Urinary system symptoms
249306007Nose symptoms
249307003Nasal symptom
249468005Anorexia symptom
249475006Thirst symptom
249497008Vomiting symptom
249623009Worms in feces symptom
249626001Pale feces symptom
249627005Black feces symptom
267022002General symptom
267031002Tiredness symptom
267037003Cardiovascular symptoms
267045008Gastrointestinal symptom
267048005Swallowing symptoms
267060006Diarrhea symptom
267062003Genitourinary symptoms
267070008Nervous system symptoms
267082004Motor symptoms
267083009Incoordination symptom
267098006Ear/nose/throat symptom
267102003Sore throat symptom
267104002Complaining of a pain
267105001Complaining of itching
267106000Symptom of head and neck region
267107009Symptom: chest wall
267108004Symptom: trunk posterior
267109007Symptom of ankle or foot
271399003Temperature symptoms
271804005Symptom of skin and integumentary tissue
272008009Complaining of a neck symptom
272009001Complaining of a back symptom
272013008Complaining of ankle symptom
272014002Complaining of foot symptom
272021002Complaining of ureteric colic
272022009Complaining of feeling depressed
272024005Complaining of feeling unhappy
272025006Complaining of insomnia
272026007Complaining of somnolence
272027003Complaining of a headache
272028008C/O - loss of smell sense
272031009Complaining of excess tears
272032002Complaining of watering eyes
272034001Complaining of nasal congestion
272035000Complaining of a head symptom
272036004Complaining of debility and malaise
272037008Complaining of overwork
272038003Complaining of postviral syndrome
272039006Complaining of cough
272040008Wheezing symptom
272041007Complaining of loss of taste sense
272044004Complaining of vomiting
272045003Complaining of melena
272046002Offensive feces symptom
272047006Complaining of loin pain
272049009Complaining of renal pain
272060000Fatigue - symptom
272062008Complaining of "tired all the time"
274277005Complaining of right iliac fossa pain
274278000Complaining of left iliac fossa pain
275295002Excessive salivation - symptom
275297005Diarrhea and vomiting, symptom
275299008Belching symptom
275300000Soiling symptom
275488008Sore throat - chronic
275570002Complaining of per vaginum bleeding
276358008Sees rainbows
276498006Complaining of ureteric pain
278432003Anal symptoms
281102003Blood in vomit - symptom
281103008Encopresis symptom
302014008Upper lid retraction
302015009Lower lid retraction
307413004Transient memory loss
308698004Wind symptom
308917006Symptom findings in relation to time
308918001Symptom findings in relation to start time
308919009Symptom findings in relation to time lasts
308920003Symptom findings in relation to frequency
308921004Neurological symptom
308923001Eye symptom
308925008Digestive symptom
308926009Skin symptom
308927000Pain / sensation symptom finding
309551005Multiple symptomatology
310480000Complaining of tearfulness
310481001Complaining of paresthesia
310483003C/O - pain in toe
310484009Complaining of pain in hallux
315217005Ear symptom
315218000Complaining of wax in ear
315642008Influenza-like symptoms
365440008Feces/motions - symptoms
366056003Finding of quality of visual image
366057007Finding of clarity of visual image
386738004Multiple somatic complaints
394924000Symptoms of depression
395017009C/O - panic attack
395080004Sensory disturbance in limb
395182005Odor symptom
395496008Throat symptom
404646009Glare disability
407551001C/O: hair loss
408694001Sense of oppression
415709002Tendency to nausea and vomiting
416067004C/O - unpleasant dreams
416123004C/O - akathisia
416196001C/O - dreams
416247002C/O: dry skin
416593000C/O - vivid dreams
416943009C/O - illusions seen
417142009C/O - sweet/pleasant dreams
417616008C/O - bizarre dreams
418008001Seeing spots in front of eyes
418958006Complaining of backache
441591007Wrist symptom
445095002Epileptic seizure witnessed by provider of history other than subject
445535007Syncope witnessed by provider of history other than subject
449162004Experiential sensory symptoms
449203004Focal seizure with experiential sensory symptoms
473327001Complaining of erectile dysfunction
699368004Symptom of ankle
699370008Symptom of foot
699371007Symptom of head
699372000Symptom of neck
702537003Medically unexplained symptom
703453009Complaining of wooziness
704302001Lack of symptom control
711433008ALTE - apparent life-threatening event
14230001000004101Perception of hearing loss


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