Standard Health Record FHIR Implementation Guide

SHR RespiratoryRateQualifierCS CodeSystem

Details of a respiratory rate measurement.

This code system defines the following codes:

rest resting or pre-exerciseresting or pre-exercise
post_exercise post exercisepost exercise
max_voluntary maximum voluntary ventilationmaximum voluntary ventilation
post_bronchoscopy post bronchoscopypost bronchoscopy
post_cardioversion post cardioversionpost cardioversion
post_sedation post conscious sedationpost conscious sedation
post_therapy post inhalation therapypost inhalation therapy
pre_bronchoscopy pre bronchoscopypre bronchoscopy
pre_cardioversion pre cardioversionpre cardioversion
pre_sedation pre conscious sedationpre conscious sedation
pre_therapy pre inhalation therapypre inhalation therapy
vent_spont on ventilator, spontaneouson ventilator, spontaneous
vent on ventilator, mechanical and spontaneouson ventilator, mechanical and spontaneous
vent_mech on ventilator, mechanicalon ventilator, mechanical
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This code system is used by the following value sets: