Standard Health Record FHIR Implementation Guide

SHR ContraceptiveMethodCS CodeSystem

This code system defines the following codes:

no_contraceptive Not using contraceptiveNot using contraceptive
implant Implanted long-term contraceptiveImplanted long-term contraceptive
iud Intrauterine device or systemIntrauterine device or system
sterilized_female Female sterilization, e.g., tubal ligationFemale sterilization, e.g., tubal ligation
sterilized_male Male sterilization, e.g., vasectomyMale sterilization, e.g., vasectomy
injectable Injectable contraceptiveInjectable contraceptive
lam Lactational amenorrhea methodLactational amenorrhea method
oral Oral contraceptiveOral contraceptive
patch Contraceptive patchContraceptive patch
ring Vaginal ringVaginal ring
condom_male Male condomMale condom
condom_female Female condomFemale condom
fam Fertility awareness method aka natural family planning aka rhythm methodFertility awareness method aka natural family planning aka rhythm method
withdrawal Withdrawal method aka coitus interruptusWithdrawal method aka coitus interruptus
spermicide Use of spermicide.Use of spermicide.
sponge Contraceptive spongeContraceptive sponge
partner Rely on partner to provide.Rely on partner to provide.
emergency Emergency contraceptive, the 'morning after' pill.Emergency contraceptive, the 'morning after' pill.
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This code system is used by the following value sets: