Standard Health Record

SHR StagingMethodCS CodeSystem

The methodology or standard used to assign the cancer's overall stage.

This code system defines the following codes:

ajcc_v7 AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 7th EditionAJCC Cancer Staging Manual 7th Edition
ajcc_v8 AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8th EditionAJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8th Edition
seer_eod SEER Extent of Disease 2018SEER Extent of Disease 2018
seer_ss77 SEER Summary Stage 1977SEER Summary Stage 1977
seer_ss00 SEER Summary Stage 2000SEER Summary Stage 2000
seer_ss18 SEER Summary Stage 2018SEER Summary Stage 2018
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This code system is used by the following value sets: