Standard Health Record FHIR Implementation Guide

SHR DietNutritionConcernCS CodeSystem

This code system defines the following codes:

sugar Too much sugarToo much sugar
snacks Frequent snackingFrequent snacking
caffeine Too much caffeineToo much caffeine
cholesterol Too much cholesterolToo much cholesterol
overeating Eating too muchEating too much
undereating Eating too littleEating too little
unhealthy_diet Eating an unhealthy dietEating an unhealthy diet
chewing Problem chewingProblem chewing
swallowing Problem swallowingProblem swallowing
high_appetite Increased appetiteIncreased appetite
low_appetite Decreased appetiteDecreased appetite
taste Problem with food tasteProblem with food taste
constipation ConstipationConstipation
diarrhea DiarrheaDiarrhea
abdominal_pain Abdominal painAbdominal pain
gas FlatulenceFlatulence
binging Binge eatingBinge eating
purging PurgingPurging
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This code system is used by the following value sets: