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Modernizing Healthcare

The Standard Health Record (SHR) provides a high quality, computable source of patient information by establishing a single target for health data standardization. The SHR is foundational, dealing first with the reliable and repeatable collection and aggregation of a wide range of patient-focused data. Through the SHR, we realize greater transparency, empowerment, and clinical interoperability that supports patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, scientists, and public health organizations.

Enabled through open source technology, the SHR is designed by, and for, its users to support communication across homes and healthcare systems. The SHR enables organizations, and the American public, to realize the benefits of improved care communication and coordination, reductions in medical error, less waste, fraud, and abuse, enhanced information sharing, and the decreased costs that accompany a large-scale focus on prevention.

Technology Powered By The SHR


Enabling High Quality Health Data

The SHR specification will contain all information critical to patient identification, emergency care and primary care. Currently, the collaborative is prototyping health record specifications that leverage existing medical record models. To see our progress, explore the current SHR spec here.

The SHR also addresses the dynamic needs of patients over the course of their life by capturing many areas related to social determinants of health. Future extensions will support emerging treatment paradigms such as genomics, microbiomics, and precision medicine.

SHR Specification Structure


Collaborating on a Global Scale

Perspectives from all stakeholders in the health community, from clinicians and policymakers to patients and informaticists, help ensure the SHR's quality. To make this possible, SHR is an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license.

We want you to reach out, start a dialog, and help us refine the SHR - just send us an email. To learn more about the SHR Collaborative go to our FAQ, or visit our blog at for in-depth posts on our work in developing a new healthcare standard.

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Help Improve the SHR

Content Specialists

Is there health data missing from your work or the current SHR specification? Can you think of policy implications surrounding the SHR? Start a conversation via email with the Collaborative and we'll help channel your expertise or thoughts into the Collaborative's work.

Technical Professionals

Are you experienced in building data standards? Do you have input on making the specification grammar more human readable? Fork the project on GitHub and contribute your skills to future iterations of the SHR.